Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 17, 2010

Warriors kick the shit out of Kings from 2nd qtr on; Kings lose 130-98

I made the title ridiculously awful on purpose. It can only get better from here. Tonight was an old fashion ass-kicking in the right way. No other way to put it. The defense stunk, and, in the 2nd quarter when the game really turned in the favor of the Dubs, the offense stunk worse.

So, where to go from here? Tomorrow is another day. Box Score. 4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Sacramento 102.0 96.1 45.0% 18.9 27.8 16.7
Golden State 127.5 57.7% 18.6 20.5 8.8

So, is there anything else to talk about? Not really. You can get mad, angry, or whatever you want. But this is the worst blowout this Kings team has suffered all year, and it’s not even close. This Kings team has generally played hard all year, made some out of touch contests pretty close by the end, and I kept hoping tonight was another of those. It was not to be. Why?

Simple. CJ Watson, Anthony Morrow and Steph Curry were just too much. And, it played into the Warriors hands when the Kings got impatient and started shooting quick perimeter shots in the 2nd qtr. Once the impatience on offense happened, the Dubs kept getting out in the open court. They were playing well, and the Kings really offered no resistance. Nobody did much of anything to really make the difference.  Ballgame.

Mostly, it was a bad game on 2 ends for the Kings. And, that’s all really needs to be said. Frankly, I was confused why Kevin Martin didn’t play in the 2nd half, and I’m still confused by that. But, whatever.  By the point Kevin returned in the 2nd qtr his game was thrown off. Which leads me to this: Why was he taken out and not given the ball more in the 1st qtr when he had it going?

That’s going to be a problem for this team moving forward. Find the hot hand, tap it, ride it for all it’s worth, and then figure out other options as the game goes on. I don’t know what the deal was with Tyreke Evans not feeding the ball more to Kevin, but whatever it was there is lots of blame.

As far as Paul Westphal, I don’t really understand why he takes players out when they’re shooting well. It’s a criticism I’ve seen time & time again from other fans, and I wanted to wait for a larger sample size. Clearly it’s a big enough size for me to say something. Stop it Paul, please.

That all having been said I’m going to remember this game for 3 reasons. CJ Watson was ridiculously hot, the Kings went to their bench (and the Warriors didn’t because they couldn’t–they only dressed 9 guys tonight) and Kevin Martin not playing the 2nd half. Frankly, it didn’t make a difference. Nobody did much of anything special tonight. It was one of those games. The Kings played like ass and they didn’t take a shower for a month running. The Warriors played like they were taking 10 girls home on Valentines Day with every girl volunteering. Those nights happen in the NBA, and plenty of nights like that haven’t happened to the Warriors this year. (They’ve had a lot of games being on the other end of things.)

The difference though between the teams is quite immense: As constructed, nights like tonight is all the Warriors have. The Kings can be a perennial playoff, and perhaps championship caliber, team in the near future. The difference? Tyreke Evans vs Steph Curry. Curry is a terrific player on a crappy franchise (why the Warriors don’t get more notice for their suckitude under Chris Cohan’s ownership is beyond me–the guy is worse than Donald Sterling in many ways–he inheritated a winning team and made it worse–Sterling inherited crap and continues to keep it that way) and he’s going to be that way for a long time to come. But nobody in the NBA attempts to stop Curry using TEAM defense. Everyone in the NBA has to with Tyreke because nobody can guard him 1 on 1 going to the basket. Teams have to consider throwing 2 or 3 defenders at Reke because he is so gifted at getting to the cup. It’s just that simple. That’s why nights like tonight don’t bother me. The Kings will come back against the Clippers because that’s what they’ve done all year. (I’ll be shocked if they don’t win to be honest.) They’ll probably lose against Phoenix Sunday night because this isn’t a very good road team. That happens too.

The Kings are still rebuilding. They have a lot of quality pieces. It’s a very young team. One of the 3 youngest in the NBA. (After the Blazers traded for Marcus Camby, whose 35, the Kings might be the 2nd youngest team. I would guess Memphis is the youngest team in the NBA now.) I’m more surprised these kind of early blowout games haven’t happened more often, and I’m bracing myself for 2 or 3 as we head down the stretch of the season. The Kings just can’t keep coming back from large deficits after a bad quarter. This team needs to figure it out, and it’s mostly on the players. They simply haven’t come together offensively or defensively yet. So many guys and so many different combinations are used. Frankly, if this team wasn’t so young and if Paul Westphal could really settle on a starting 5 I’d be thrilled with that. The reality is I don’t think this team would be playing better with a settled starting 5 or not. It’s so difficult to say with the youth and inexperience on this team. The veteran players aren’t really the type of guys who can right the ship for the young guys when things are going poorly. This team wasn’t built to win. That happens too. LeBron James lost alot of games in his rookie season with the Cavs.

Just remember that tomorrow is a new day, the trade deadline is upon us (and there may be a deal–which I’m not firmly opposed to), and that the Baby Royals have a future. None of that says that tonight didn’t suck, or the next similar night won’t be frustrating. All the future means is that this team should have shown you enough glimpses that suggests sticking with this young and upcoming team through many of the trials and tribulations a team going through the NBA the first time in a season. Tomorrow is bright. Next season will be better. Things will be more settled. Do believe dat.


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