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Parsing Geoff Petrie for the meaning of life (or what the Kings future plans are)

Okay, so if you read my links post, you know I already linked to the Geoff Petrie quotables and said I was going to write about it. Here’s that very thing. Bit by bit, we’re going to break this shit down. Got some gin & tonic, bitches & reefer? Good. Here we go…….

Okay, first I’m going to get some of the other, less important stuff out of the way first.

On waiving Kenny Thomas:

“Well we wanted to make this trade with Washington in order to acquire Dominic. We had to create a roster spot. And really, the only way at the 11th hour to do that, was to waive Kenny.”

Translation: We wanted the cash it gave us and we weren’t going to play Kenny anyway. It makes no difference to us now that he’s gone because his contract ends at the end of the season.

On whether additional cuts will be made:

“I don’t think so. Not in the immediate (future).”

Translation: Why would we waive players for no reason? The only reason we waived Kenny was because we got cash to take Dominic McGuire off the Wiz’s hands to help them pay their luxury tax bill.

On Larry Hughes:

“The situation with Larry is actually he has a fracture on his left hand and he’s being treated and he’s in a splint currently back on the East Coast. We’ve agreed that he can stay back there and continue to work with those people. So, it’s not anticipated that he’s going to be here with the team while he’s undergoing his rehab and treatment back there. We did wait to put a reporting on the physical on him.”

On if he expects to see Larry this season:

“Don’t know.”

Translation: Larry Hughes means nothing to us and we don’t have a spot for a 31 year old G who can’t shoot. We already have a 20 year old G who does the same shit. And, unlike Larry, this 20 year old is a potential superstar. Pass.

2nd translation: Didn’t I just answer your question?

On if there was a desire to have Tracy McGrady play in Sacramento:

“The way these things tend to work, is they start out, and each team has some different motivations as to what they’re trying to accomplish, and who the key pieces are, and this would not have been a final destination probably for Tracy McGrady. So it then becomes players, numbers, how it can work with the salary cap, and then where the various talents that the teams really want end up residing.”

Translation: We don’t need 32 year old post players who grabbed 18 boards once for us this season in Phoenix. We definitely don’t need a 30 year old post-madonna who is but a shell of himself. We especially don’t need his whining ass bothering us and threatening us when that same agent happens to be the agent of our best player. (Tyreke Evans & Tracy McGrady’s agent is Arn Tellem.)

On if the New York Knicks were always a part of the trade:

“The (Houston) Rockets had been having some ongoing negotiations with the Knicks as far as I know and we’re not in control of that and obviously I don’t get all the detail on it, but we got pretty close by late last night with the Rockets, in terms of a deal that would work for us. So we felt, coming into the morning anyway, that we were in pretty good shape, regardless of what happened between the Knicks and Houston.”

Translation: We knew that the Knicks were trying to dump Jeffries on Houston. We always knew that if Houston got the right package, and they did, that Daryl Morey would end up doing so because everyone in the world knows that Donnie Walsh and the Knicks organization put a huge premium on this summer. We can’t control the New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets, the fact that the Rockets are spending 9 1/2 million on a pretty useless player for them in Jeffries, and a potentially useless top 10 pick in the 2009 draft in Jordan Hill. How 2 picks in 2011 and 2012 would have helped us long term with so many young players on the roster is beyond me. What matters is that we do have a good young core who can help us win long term. 2 draft picks, while nice to have, won’t necessarily help us accomplish the goal of making your team better. Daryl Morey is a quality Gm, and I think the kid has done a great job, but the Rockets aren’t sacrificing cap flexibility that they may need to improve their team next summer. It’s a distinct possibility they’re over the cap. By taking Jeffries & Hill, and Kevin Martin, they’re going to improve no matter what because Kevin is exactly the type of scorer they were looking to add to their core. Plus, they get to see how it works with Yao Ming too. The Rockets were in a great position here, and we weren’t due to the nature of us trying to see how Martin/Evans would operate as a long term pair. We don’t see it as being a long term fit due to the nature of what Tyreke does well/doesn’t do well. Just as important, we were downgrading Kevin’s abilities to make it work, and there’s little point in asking your backcourt to do less than they are capable. Getting the most out of everyone is the goal here. With Kevin around, that just wasn’t happening. And that’s why the Rockets were in such a good position. Just like we were in a better position to make a great trade with them in 2008 for Ron Artest. The goals of each franchise were very different than just as now.

On what factors the notion of Kevin Martin playing with Tyreke Evans played in the trade:

“Not too much really. I just think that we have a lot of wing players on our team. I think that we can fill a lot of the void there. It was more of the opportunity to get a player as productive and consistent as Landry, where we really need to fill some holes up front. Again, the potential salary cap enhancement for us was a big factor as well. The team’s played better this year, we’re going to win more games than last year, but we still need to continue to try and add to what we have, obviously, and that’s now going to come in the form of the Draft again, and on into free agency, where we will have a significant amount of real room but so will a lot of other teams.”

Translation: Again, it’s a common mis-perception that Tyreke & Kevin couldn’t work together. The reality was that some of the components of Kevin & Tyreke’s game (Kevin’s cutting/off the ball movement, jumper and Tyreke’s slashing, size mis match, and great fundamental understanding of the game) were great pieces to have in a backcourt. We were hoping the other stuff with other guys could take hold, and it just never did. We saw an opportunity to become players in the Free Agent market this summer with the reasonable success of this young roster. We also see the opportunity to add a cheap young talent in Carl Landry whose offensive success doesn’t come at the expense of team success, like Al Jefferson, and costs 25% of the price tag that Jefferson carries. We’re not going to lie to you and say that cap space wasn’t a factor. We know our fans are savvy to know if we take a piss an hour after breakfast. We know that if we acquire an expiring contract they understand it’s about cap space and/or cap relief next summer. But, in the past when we got offers for Kevin it wasn’t for players whom we thought that we could make as part of our front line in the present and future. It just so happens that we traded Kevin at a time where he seemed to create more acrimony and tension. It’s unfortunate but that’s life.

On how much the last month with Kevin in the lineup was a factor in the trade:

“It didn’t come into play at all, unless something came up that you thought made sense. In the last 36 hours, something came along that made sense, regardless of the last month. We could’ve gone into the rest of the season, and into the summer and not done a whole lot, maybe other than some cosmetic things here, but this was an opportunity to add a really high quality frontcourt player and create some more flexibility in other areas and when you put that all together, we thought it was worth it.”

Translation: The last month didn’t help at all. It made Kevin more disillusioned here than he had been in the past, and we had to quietly bypass all the chatter that we were looking for a trade. Most GM’s and observers with knowledge understand that it’s not surprising we traded him. The difference is that the cap space along with a very cheap post player made this worth it to us. We have lots of young players and flexibility in our draft picks and roster. We have a lot more options now that we aren’t trying to make Kevin and Tyreke work as a duo. It wasn’t exactly about the Boston or even Detroit/New York games exactly. It was clear that everything that Kevin & Tyreke needed to make it work was not something that would make us better as a team. With all the other players on the roster like Beno and Donte and Omri, we felt that we could absorb the loss of Kevin with those players. It’s not like we were winning consistently with Kevin since he came back. Some of that was pure bad luck with a young team on the road; some of that was chemistry issues that our young players couldn’t figure out how to develop with him. Simply put: Shit happens and the marriage was over. It’s okay for Kevin and us. That’s ultimately what matters most.

On the expectations surrounding the backcourt pairing of Kevin and Tyreke:

“In all fairness to Kevin, I think it’s really hard to live up to those kind of expectations when you’ve been out that long, and I really did think the last three out of the last four games or so he was starting to look more like his normal self, but again, this is something we feel we wanted to do.”

Translation: I’m not going to throw under Kevin Martin under the bus like that idiot redhead. What I’ll say is that Kevin is a high class person and individual who played his ass off 110% of the time and it just didn’t work. Those expectations that were heaped upon him and Tyreke were both a blessing and curse. When it worked fans wanted more when there wasn’t more to be had; when it didn’t work it just gave those so critical of Kevin in the first place to keep throwing him on the coals. Kevin Martin is a human being, and everyone knows that when you cook humans it should be done on a spit over a campfire. The truth is that everyone was tired of the crappy situation that everyone was in. It was a sacrifice that nobody could make to better the team, and in the end we have to live with that. It was a mistake that didn’t work, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Kevin and Tyreke did try and it just didn’t work. The real mistake would have been trying to continue to make it work when it was clear that the best we can do is wins over mediocre and poorly put together rosters in Detroit and New York. Trying to win a championship is about a lot more than that. I hope Kevin Martin fans can root for him in Houston. I have a hookup in Houston and he’s going to be sending my Kevin Martin jersey soon.

On if the trade was decided upon in the past 24-36 hours:

“I think it would be very unwise to make decisions on 24-36 hours. You’re making decisions based on the history of performance, what you’re trying to do with your team, what one player can do versus another, what it means for your salary cap, what it means for how you want to see the team play going forward. It’s working with your head coach to try and build a roster that he feels would be better and has a chance to get better. It’s all those things, it’s not something that happens in 24 hours.”

Translation: I know it seems like it was based on that lame 4th quarter where my head coach and highest paid player showed far more indecision than necessary when trying to win against a veteran star laden team slowly fading away, but it wasn’t. We could see that our greatest potential was a 35-40 win team, and we want to 60 games again. That’s the point. We want to championships like Joe & Gavin are always talking about. Get it? Kevin Martin wasn’t untouchable: Only Tyreke Evans was and if the Cavs offered us LeBron James tomorrow I’d bust out the trusty rocket launcher and send Tyreke to Cleveland. I’m pretty sure that Paul would have lit the match for me. On the other hand, we’ve been told that sending players in the flight path of B-52’s and other aerial vehicles is a bad precedent for a respectable organization. So we think that getting a 27 year old post player who is underwhelming on the boards for a reasonably good team playing without it’s star is a good return for Kevin. The cap space is more important if we can get Chris Bosh, but we feel like Bosh and Landry could play together anyway. With Spencer and Jason around, we can figure out which 3 or 4some (looks around for the Brockness monster and see’s it all clear) works best and go from there. This isn’t exactly a perfect science here. We do the best we can with what we got and go from there. We’re lucky that this franchise didn’t have to pay Chris Webber to sit on his ass and serve 17 dollar hamburgers at a stupid looking restaurant next to I-80.

On if today’s moves makes the Kings a major player in the upcoming free agency period:

“Look, there are probably eight teams now that are going to have an excess of $20 million of real room, and some more than that. We’ll be out there, and we’ll see what happens.”

Translation: We’re not the Knicks, and we don’t have Miami’s beaches, but we think that Sacramento is a nice place to live if you ignore the fact that you can’t breathe the air from May to September annually. It’s an okay place for me because I live in Napa during that time. So we feel like any Free Agent who were going to be paying nearly 11 figures in total sum to move here will figure out something to do during that 4 month period.

Geoff’s message to fans whose favorite player was Kevin Martin and to assure them this move is good for the Kings:

“Some of these players will become their favorite player.”

Translation: You people hated Kevin Martin, called his brittle ass soft, and now you’re telling me you like him? Fuck off.

On the potential of including Knicks forward David Lee in the trade:

“To my knowledge, David Lee has never been available.”

Translation: Let me get this straight. You want this team to get better interior defense and defensive rebounding, and you want the Kings to demand David Lee from a team that just punted Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill to Houston for draft picks? Even more, you want me to pick up a guy who plays worse perimeter defense than Jason Thompson in a trade for Kevin Martin to satisfy morbid curiosity about what could have been? Don’t you know I got cooking to do? My wife does get hungry you know.

On if he’s spoken with Kevin today:

“I called Kevin a minute after the trade call was done and I didn’t get him, I did leave him a message. He did send a very nice email to the organization about his time here, and I also texted him after I left a message and really thanked him, said I hope we have a chance to visit here at some point and that he’s been a real pro, and that I always wish him the best.”

Translation: Kevin and I aren’t really buddy-buddy, and I knew he knew he was going to the Rockets. The best I could do was leave a message because he was probably talking to somebody else more important. He is a nice kid who did everything could, and this idiot fanbase didn’t understand that. It’s okay; I’m sure those sophisticated oil town hicks in Houston can figure out how to appreciate him. (Translation: Don’t boo.) We might have lunch some day in the future when hell is no longer snowing in LA.

On if Carl will become a starter:

“I really think you need to ask Paul that. I think, you know, he’s averaging over 16 points per game, playing 27 minutes a game for a good team. I’m sure he’s going to play a lot of minutes. What form that takes, Paul will work that out.”

Translation: Do I look like Paul Westphal to you? How the fuck am I supposed to know if the guy will start when we haven’t even given him a physical yet?

On if the newly acquired Kings players will play in Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers:

“I don’t know. You’ve got nine players involved here with three teams, and there’s a lot of forms and a lot of certifications that need to get done and then to the League office, and even if we get ours done, they all have to be done and you need to get an email from the League saying that the trade’s completed before they can practice or play. We will have ours done before the game on Saturday, now you’ve got deadlines on Sunday and Monday for other things, so I don’t know. I hope so, I hope so.”

Translation: I hope Carl is available to play, and Joey Dorsey doesn’t stick his dick in anything on Sunset. That kid scares me he really does. Rick and Daryl told me how easily he gets distracted. Scary shit. Anyway, because Carl had knee problems at Purdue and that dropped him out of the 1st round, and scared the Sonics from keeping him and giving him away to the Rockets for less than what the Kings got when trading away Danny Ainge, we just want to see how much scar tissue is in there and see what Dr. Abdur-Rahim has to say on the matter. Nothing important.

On if he’s spoken with the newly acquired Kings players yet:

“I have not, not yet, no. We have waived a physical on some of the players, and Carl will take a physical.

Translation: Why would I speak with them? Isn’t that why they got agents so they can moan and cry about how crappy a town Sacramento is because there any restaurants to eat after 8pm? Why do you think I cook so much? Shiiiiiiiii-t. Anyway, the point is that Larry Hughes is rehabbing his hand and wouldn’t pass a physical. But because the only way he matters is that he won’t be on the books past June 30th we wouldn’t care if Larry Hughes is a broken down giraffe. And because Mr Dorsal Fin himself is a specimen we’re pretty sure that any physical taken of him will reveal some sort of mental defect in the brain. To be honest, we’d rather not know what’s wrong with Joey Dorsey than find out exactly. With regards to Carl, mostly we’re checking to see that the Jolly Green Giant doesn’t live in one of his knee’s. We hear that’s why DeJuan Blair doesn’t have an ACL.

On when Carl’s physical will be completed:

“Hopefully we’ll get it done tomorrow.”

Translation: If he could ignore that his family will be uprooted and moved 2000 miles away, and the fact that it changes the rest of the season for him, he might be able to hop on a plane and get his ass here. But if he can’t because he’s human and because not everybody is a Rolling Stone and laying their hat where it’s home, we expect it’ll happen. We might even do it when 3 games or so has gone by. We’re kinda flexible on it. (Note: The Kings can’t finalize the trade with the NBA’s front office until the physical is done.)

On what could have happened had Kevin not gotten injured this season:

“I don’t know. I think of Kevin Martin as somebody we drafted, who developed into a terrific player, can be a prolific scorer at times and how things work out sometimes, there’s a lot of circumstance in life, and I’m sure Kevin’s going to go on and do just fine. He’s always been a real professional as far as I’m concerned and I wish him well.”

Translation: I’m tired of talking about him. He’s Houston’s problem. Ask him if he’s going to the moon for me though, okay?

On changing the image of the Kings:

“Again, I think we wanted to change the perception of the way our team played and I think we’ve done that, although it didn’t happen last night, but you saw it against Boston I think, and in a lot of other games. Again, it’s working with Paul to build a roster that we both feel will be different and be more successful. Certainly Landry is a more physical presence, and Dorsey, I don’t know how much he would play or what he will do, but he’s certainly that as well, so, let’s all find out together I guess.”

Translation: Okay, I know that Kevin was not a tailback, but it doesn’t mean that we’re getting tougher just because Landry’s 2 front teeth are still in Dirk’s arm, okay? It just means that Landry knows how to finish inside, is a high quality offensive player, and we figure if we’re going to do something we might as well score. Because you can’t actually win games if you don’t do anything well. We do plan on dropping Landry in the middle of Oak Park and daring him to walk around with sign bare naked claiming he hates black people. We want to see how far he can run after getting shot. I’ve got a bet that he runs all the way to Broadway before giving up. We’ll send out a press release when we do it so you can bring your camera. (Note: It’s ridiculous for anyone to run away after getting shot and living to tell about it. It’s even more ridiculous when this guy returns to play basketball a few weeks later. Carl Landry shouldn’t be playing basketball; he should be eliminating inner-city violence.)

On if he received similar opportunities to add the same factors that Carl brings to the Kings and obtain financial flexibility in exchange for Kevin:

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Okay, I know it seems like everyone loves Kevin Martin. And, many do love him. But love takes on different forms when you’re talking about 3 years and nearly 35 million in salary. The trading for love for Kevin Martin was more theoretical than it was realistic.

On the Kings core:

“I think we’ve improved it. He’s (Landry) 27 years old, but we’ll have to wait now and see what shows up on the floor and how we utilize it and see how everybody works together.”

Translation: Well it depends on how well Carl Landry fits with Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes. If he fits with both it would make it easy to bring in another front line big like Chris Bosh in Free-Agency or a defending big like Derrick Favors in the draft. We won’t know how well Landry fits in with JT & Spence until we see them play together. Once we see these next batch of games, and study the dynamic of not just the front line but the team as a whole, we’ll see how improved we really are.

On his thoughts of other teams’ actions during the trading deadline:

“Again, the trading deadline has become more and more a function of different motivations for teams trying to accomplish different things. They have been one of the busier ones, but that’s for each individual team to decide when you get right down to it.”

Translation: For each team there is a different desire. The Wizards had to break up an older core and start the painful stages of the rebuilding process. The Knicks seem to think the only way you can acquire players is by buying them through Free Agency. Teams don’t like to trade players away for nothing, and they often don’t really get serious about making deals until the deadline because they want to see what they have for as long as they can before they have to make the decision. That’s the problem with the NBA sometimes. Fans want to see action now and tomorrow. There’s only so much action in a day you can have, and people think that you can swap players like you do on video games or something. If it was that simple, EA Sports would be running the NBA.


I want to make this clear. This is sarcazmz. Not meant to be taken seriously in everything (especially the bit about Landry), but there is serious stuff to be thought over otherwise. Geoff Petrie is rarely loquacious or forthcoming, and some of these quotes were really rare. Some of them seemed annoyed (whether it matters or not) about Kevin because some of it was duplication. When you’re talking about Kevin Martin and the dynamic of how things worked in Sac, it’s going to have duplication in it. So that’s why I repeated the variations of the answer. There is so many ways to say something. It’s clear that the dynamic of Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin wasn’t the driving force here; it was more about the dynamic with EVERYONE else and Kevin that made it impossible to see how the chemistry and rotations would work. With Beno, Donte, Omri, Cisco all taking time at the two, it really doesn’t matter who see’s minutes there. Additionally, those minutes given to Omri and Donte at the 2 allow Noc to get minutes at the 3 where he’s most effective at. There is a chain-effect reaction here, and giving all those minutes to Kevin at the 2 where his skills don’t really enhance and amplify the skills of others made it where the franchise had to look in a different direction to simply survive. That’s why the need for inside play and Carl Landry.

I hope people start to understand that Kevin Martin wasn’t the problem or that the private bitchings behind the scenes in the locker room is not the answer. David Thorpe had a great point in his TrueHoop interview that pointed out that the placebo of Kevin Martin’s disappearance can aid the Kings. It doesn’t matter whether that’s the truth or not.

I was going to write a Kevin Martin post centered around the last paragraph, but now I won’t bother. I think my point has been made otherwise. What many of us originally envisioned wasn’t the case and the Kings had to adjust on the fly. I would rather make this trade now than wait for the summer. I’ve gotten the distinct impression that any real adjustments would have been cosmetic at best and the personal nature of what was said about Kevin publicly and behind his back in the locker room got to the point where it was unbearable. I don’t know if this team recovers from their finger pointing on & off the court. It’s something that I don’t think anybody knows. The immediate fix is to take Martin out of the mix and see how Landry performs in a much needed upgrade. That was the real problem for the Kings in many ways. There wasn’t a guy, other than the perimeter players, who are consistent bucket getters. I’m hoping that Landry’s presence allows JT & Spence to finish around the basket because they’re finishing there was so abysmal.

Additionally I’m hoping that the new whipping boy doesn’t become Spencer Hawes. He’s earned some criticism for his mistakes, but too many fans seem to ignore JT for his mistakes and critique harshly Spence for his. They’re both young players for chrissake. There is room for both to grow (Spence does have more upside in my opinion; JT’s game fits well with Tyreke, though, which is partially why you saw an increase in stats for him earlier this season) but neither is a major centerpiece of a front line. The Kings badly need that, and I think just getting a quality complimentary piece in Carl Landry who costs the team 3 million next season is a great start. It’s not an ideal return for Kevin Martin, but I’ve rarely found trades that actually end up gaining a net “ideal” return for the other team. There are trades that work better than intended (Doug Christie is the best example of that in GP’s era–even if the Mike Bibby trade did just as well), and a lot of trades that work about as well as you think they well as you did originally.

What I wrote last night about ego’s being a major problem in the locker room is true. I think it is. While I singled out Omri Casspi in particular, it’s not just Omri. There are other’s who were generally ticked off they were getting less shots with Kevin around. It didn’t matter whether it was true or not, it was the reality in their opinion. Anything that took the heat off them is what’s important. Personal accountability for those guys in the locker room is a major issue, and the addition of Carl Landry will help in some respects. Landry isn’t a kid, has played on some winning teams in Houston, and is the type of guy who does what he says. He’ll come out play hard (not well defensively), and score the ball. He won’t complain about it. He won’t be a whiny primmadonna like Jason Thompson or Omri Casspi. His attitude, as much as his skills, is needed in the locker room.

Make no mistake, just because I called JT & Omri primmadonna’s, which they are (but it’s not ultimately the point), I do want this team to succeed, and I suspect that JT or Omri will be a big part of future success. Both players have a good deal of talent and have the capacity to play well for a winning team. How they get there is up to them and if they’re whining and moaning about pretty insignificant things like amounts of shots, it’s just one thing that illustrates how they aren’t capable of keeping their eyes on the ball so to speak. Earlier in the season, beyond the easier schedule, was that the team was performing above the sum of it’s parts. Now, it’s not. Hopefully Landry can signal the return to harmony as the team moves on. This is just my opinion, but Jason Thompson is not at his best when taking 15-20 shots a night. He’s at his best at 10-15, but he doesn’t want to believe it. So unless the Kings are winning and what not, he might not accept his role as well. Thus he struggles. (I think that’s definitely a part of his recent problems. The other big part is that the players in the NBA have caught up to him and know what all his weaknesses are.)

Whether or not this team turns the corner in the next 2 months or not is beyond the point. They are already 18-36 with a major roster change (for the 3rd year in a row) to this team’s credit. If you asked Geoff Petrie, and you could understand his thoughts, he wasn’t ever anticipating of having to change this team. The difference I think between October and now is that Geoff Petrie understood that this team was not likely to improve until the dynamics and chemistry improved. Once the dynamics and chemistry approves, it makes it easier to accept the roles and less shots when you’re winning. It’s a tricky situation for any NBA team, and every NBA team is constantly searching for it, and the fixes are not as simple as acquiring a particular player or ending contracts. When Brad Miller and John Salmons were hurting the team dynamic regardless of wins, Geoff Petrie, partially because of economics, moved them at the 2009 trade deadline for a lesser return than what either might have been moved for this recent trade deadline. The problem with waiting is you make an absolute awful season worse. And if the price is Andres Nocioni’s contract for the next 3 seasons it’s an acceptable tradeoff regardless of how many trade scenarios for other teams, that well meaning fans, team executives would laugh themselves silly at.

If you look at this team and the dynamic, just notice how things have changed from year to year and even month to month. Mike Bibby was traded during All-Star weekend in 2008 for short term cap relief. Unfortunately, to many, this resulted in Beno Udrih’s signing. I was pissed, as some of you remember, about Ron Artest not being traded during the ’08 deadline too. Then Jason Thompson was picked. Ron Artest was traded for Donte Greene and the draft pick that became Omri Casspi. Last year’s deadline saw Brad Miller and John Salmons moved because of the hurting team dynamic and the need to sort of give relief to the overall bottom line. Simply put, Miller and Salmons would have cost the team more in a season than Nocioni would over 3 regardless of money. If the Kings are more competitive and win more games, they make more money. The chances of them winning more games in the last 2 seasons of Nocioni’s contract is higher and increases potential profit as opposed to keeping Miller and Salmons in anticipation of the 2010 summer bonanza. It’s hard to imagine this team with Salmons and Miller being competitive let alone having won 18 games.

This season, after essentially eliminating themselves from any possibility of participating in the summer bonanza of ’10, the Kings essentially dealt themselves back in by moving Kevin Martin and getting a high quality offensive interior player in Landry. If you can’t see the difference between why moving Martin was beneficial, and moving Salmons/Miller, I can’t help you. The difference is value. The difference is that because Martin was a better player. That means other teams were willing to give up better players in order to require Martin’s services. That’s how trade value works. Even then, many are simply complaining how the Kings didn’t get enough for Kevin Martin. I don’t really know what that particular phrase “not getting enough” means because to me it seems pointless in the reality of the particular vernacular that makes up the NBA’s trade market.

At the end of the day, and I really don’t know how to put this any other way (cute rhyme isn’t it?), this trade was about altering the team chemistry amongst current Kings, adding a player with a good attitude and skills offensively that absolutely complement Spence & JT, and moving another favored whipping boy of the locally dissatisfied. While I’ll never figure out why such a non-controversial figure like Kevin Martin could create so much controversy, it’s probably equally true that I’ll never figure out why so many couldn’t accept him for what he was. I’m happy to see him go to a team that can use him, a coaching staff that knows what he is and will look ways for him to improve without him having to play smash-mouth football to accomplish it, and a fanbase that will want him knowing what he is and isn’t. I’m as much perplexed at this point about why Kevin Martin caused so much consternation as I am by the people who complain that the Kings don’t get enough value for their players. But I suppose that only proves that I’m consistently puzzled by the mysterious actions of human beings as much as anything.

What I do know is that the Kings have the roster of some quality young players (Reke, JT, Spence, Omri, Donte), some quality older guys (Cisco, Mandry), and some guys who aren’t as valuable to the rest of the league but have value to the Kings (Noc, Beno, Dorsal Fin, Ime, & Nessie). When you throw in Larry Hughes it almost seems shameful the Kings haven’t made it a song about a partridge in a pear tree.

If you’re upset because the Kings moved Martin and you appreciated him, than I understand. The only advice I have to give is enjoy him in Houston. If you’re happy that the Kings moved Martin because he wasn’t as good on defense, assist making, or kissing your ass, than I suggest a lobotomy. If you’re cautiously optimistic that the trade for the Kings will work out because of new found cap space, the acquisition of a bargain low post scorer, and flexibility to remake the roster this summer, I suppose you’re where I’m at. As frustrating as it is to admit that the Kings weren’t making it work with SpeedRacer (and that hurts my romantic image of this roster goddammit–that’s why I hate it as much as anything), it’s even more difficult (and equally stupid) to not admit that it’s not working and bury your head in the sand. That’s what the Timberwolves did for the last few years of Kevin Garnett’s tenure. Do you want that?

The best I can do with the situation is be happy for Kevin and his family (especially after all the unnecessary crap he’s taken lately), hope the dopey kids wake up and smell whatever it is there is to smell, and the franchise can get lucky in the draft and/or the free agent market (Chris Bosh only please; no imposters necessary: Here’s looking at you Amare Stoudemire!). Can I get “Hope that my franchise can get some luck” for 200, please, Alex?

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