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Trade Deadline (With the Dust Settling finally….) aka Rustyish ass old linkage

Okay, this is a bit late and I’m sure you already know the news. If nothing else, at least I regurgitate the bullshit you read everywhere else.

* Dominic McGuire was picked up, along with cash, in exchange for a 2nd round pick. (Read: Salary dump for the Wiz to get under the luxury tax. Kings get cash to make it happen. Why do the Wiz pay for this? Apparentlly Zydrunas Ilgauskas had a trade kicker.)

* Carl Landry wants to be in Sacramento. I think that’s pretty good actually. Having a good attitude about playing in the NBA helps having a successful career. It explains in part why Landry has done so well.

* Tyreke Evans is dining with Barack Obama.

* According to this hodgepodge of news from Jason Jones, Larry Hughes isn’t coming to the Kings.

* Also from the same hodgepodge, the Kings needed to get better inside. The “financial” relief is just a bonus? Huh? (More on this later I promise.)

* Kenny Thomas is now waived. Talk about an end of an era. Good luck in future endeavors K9. (He was waived, I think, to make room for Dominic McGuire whom the Kings acquired right before the trade deadline passed. I think.)

* This wasn’t about Tyreke Evans apparently? Huh? (Actually that I sorta believe.)

* Jones mention this about Tracy McGrady:

Petrie said in his talks with Houston the team had no intention of Tracy McGrady every playing for Sacramento.

McGrady should be happy in New York for the rest of the season. Playing in their system he will have plenty of chances to show he’s healthy and can still score with the hope landing another big contract in the offseason.

That would have been the wrong kind of player to add to the Kings’ locker room.

In a word: Yuh. Thank Goodness Larry Hughes is on the East Coast rehabbing a, uh, finger. (Translation: The Kings told him and his agent to fuck off unless they wanted to negotiate a buyout.)

* More Kevin Martin talk from the Houston end. (Great article by the Chron beat writer Jonathan Feigen.) H/T to Tom Martin of the Dream Shake. (Great blog too.)

* Geoff Petrie on Martin:

“I think we have a lot of wing players on our team. I think we can fill a lot of the void there. It was more the opportunity to get a player as productive and consistent as Landry. We really need to fill some holes up front.”

At least Geoff thinks Kevin can still play.

* David Thorpe talks about Kevin Martin. The pertinent quote:

Kevin was almost a scapegoat for all their ills. They had lost eight of ten before he even returned from injury. But no one really cared to talk about that. The bottom line is that they were bad, there’s no arguing that. I think now that team’s vibe is going to be “OK, we got rid of Kevin, now we’re going to be better.” And sometimes that’s all you need — an idea that you’ve got a problem fixed. If things don’t work out, that’s a different story, but I think those guys are going to think they’ve got the problem solved now, and I actually think they’ll end up getting better because of it.

Another point about Kevin:

I don’t think, in Kevin’s case, I feel like there were some really flukey things that happened. The ankle injury last year, it was not treated correctly. It should not have been a long-term thing. But because it ended up being a long-term thing, because of some mistakes they made in trying to figure out how to treat it, that only compounded the problem this year. He broke his wrist. How many players suffer frequent broken wrists? I’m knocking on wood as we speak, I don’t want Kevin to be the first. But it’s not as if he has a nagging injury that keeps flaring up.

Actually, I think the “not treated correctly” was not giving Kevin enough time to rest it. Why? I think Reggie Theus pushed Kevin to play on a bad ankle that shouldn’t have played. Geoff Petrie and his medical staff let them, and it made the ankle worse. I still think that’s why Reggie got snuffed. And, if that was the reason, that’s a good one.

More pertinent stuff about Carl Landry:

In the case of Carl, he’s got some issues, and you’re right, he’s really a potential All-Star. Maybe they wouldn’t normally be willing to get rid of him. But I think, just like in the Kings’ case of wanting to shore up a real problem inside. I think the Rockets felt, you know, we have a really good power forward, especially when Yao is back. But what we don’t have is, obviously, a guy who can average 20 a night. Aaron has that, or Trevor has that, for a week or two. But to do that over the course of a season … regardless of injuries, this may be a deal you do, just because the pieces fit better.

I think that’s a big deal here. Houston wanting Martin for what he does best. That was a major problem with Kevin at the end. He wasn’t as valuable in the sum of parts for what he did best. And, thus, he was being exposed for his shortcomings consistently. It’s hard to imagine, but Kevin being blamed for the young guys problems (and I think Omri is just one of the many problems—I’ll expand on this I promise) is just one of the problems. I’m talking about the blame here; not Kevin.

Gee, it’s almost like David Thorpe is copying me. (I kid I kid.) Like everyone else, I’m grateful that he does read Tom Ziller.

* Kevin Martin got quoted by Sam Amick in another blog post.

* Kelly Dwyer had a short blurb on the Kings before completely blushing over Daryl Morey:

The Sacramento Kings were more or less worked over in this deal, in terms of talent. Considering the team’s finances, though, what it wants to do in the future with Tyreke Evans(notes) and the sort of money it’s pulling in at the gate, this was probably a deal that had to be made.

He also said this (again):

The Kings are a competitive team with a whole lot of assets, but they’re losing money. Dumping Martin’s committed future salary, sadly, was in the best interest of the franchise. It had to be done. And the assets in return (further cap space, more players to toss about for other parts that fit this summer) aren’t that bad. Carl Landry is the league’s top sixth man. Dorsey can help. Hughes can … Larry Hughes has an expiring contract.

Well, in that case, maybe the Kings can’t grab a player like Chris Bosh. Their finances are too bad.

* A Dream Shake Memorial to Carl Landry. (It’s not just us who get attached to players? See? We’re all human. I think.)

* Grunge Dave of the Dream Shakes thoughts on the trade. In case you’re wondering why I refer to the Dorsal Fin, please read this. This is my favorite.As I say: I’m a fan.

* Ian Thomsen of SI talks about the Knicks impending cap space. Larry Coon breaks down why the Knicks would have to sign Lee or renounce him to gain full space.

* Frank Hughes called the Kings a winner for giving up Martin and only netting Landry in return. What’s interesting is the teams he called a loser instead. (Most of them for not doing big fancy deals.)

* Charlie Rosen calls Kevin Martin soft, Spencer Hawes a wimp, and says Carl Landry is going to offer something the Kings don’t have: Inside presence offensively. (In otherwords, Hell is officially snowing, and the recent blizzard has caused flooding that has forced Satan to relocate Hell in Los Angeles. Updates will be coming shortly.)

* Zach at Cowbell Kingdom has more stuff to say in roundtable action.

* Just in case you were wondering, I love a lot of the different emotions that have come out lately on the various things. (Because of the 800 billion tons of content, that’s why I’m linking stuff.) TZ’s post on Carl Landry, Exhibit G’s feelings on the Martin trade, 214’s post on the state of the Kings and how rotations work, and G’s feeling on fandom. Additionally, you should probably read JediLeroy’s take on why the Kings shouldn’t have moved Kevin Martin. (It was a great read.)

* Eze at A Royal Pain had his say on Kevin Martin leaving.

* Geoff Petrie quotes. This is my favorite:

On how much the last month with Kevin in the lineup was a factor in the trade:

“It didn’t come into play at all, unless something came up that you thought made sense. In the last 36 hours, something came along that made sense, regardless of the last month. We could’ve gone into the rest of the season, and into the summer and not done a whole lot, maybe other than some cosmetic things here, but this was an opportunity to add a really high quality frontcourt player and create some more flexibility in other areas and when you put that all together, we thought it was worth it.”

More on this later as well. The Geoff Petrie quotables deserve a full breakdown.

* More rhetoric around Carl Landry and how tough he is.

Okay I’m done now. I hope you haven’t gouged out your eyeballs. (Hopefully you’ve read most of the stuff. I wanted to keep everyone abreast of everything I could find–or that I could stand to find–that was out there.)

UPDATE 1: Good synopsis of the trade deadline by SB Nation’s Andrew Sharp.



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