Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 20, 2010

Game #55: Kings at Los Angeles Clippers

Today it’s the Clippers. Tomorrow it’s tomorrow.

The Clippers were okay for awhile. And then they weren’t. Now they’ve traded Marcus Camby for Travis Outlaw (and moved Al Thornton to the Wizards subsequently afterwards) and Steve Blake.

So in a sense this is a new team with a new identity and it’s hard to say where the Clippers exactly are right now.

The Kings, themselves, have a new identity with Carl Landry and according to Sam Amick will be starting with Jason Thompson on the frontline. (Yes, the JT @ C experiment starts. This should be interesting.)

I imagine the starting lineups will be like this for the Kings:

Tyreke Evans PG
Francisco Garcia SG
Omri Casspi SF
Carl Landry PF
Jason Thompson C

And for the Clippers:

Baron Davis PG
Eric Gordon SG
Rasual Butler SF
DeAndre Jordan PF
Chris Kaman C

I would suggest checking out Clips Nation and Clippers Blog for previews if you dare such things. Additionally you might wish to read Kevin Arnovitz’s (he writes Clippers Blog) thing about Omri Casspi on TrueHoop. (H/T to G.)

UPDATE: Jon Brockman is out for 2 weeks. No better time for the Dorsal Fin than now.

UPDATE 2: Sam Amick has great video of Landry before the game on the Bee Blog.

Joey Dorsey:

Paul Westphal:

Game is at 730 PST, TV is CSNCA and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!



  1. First post but you already know who I am so i’ll just get to my point ya feel me? just feel like bitching right now.

    What the hell is Paul WestPaul’s problem? He has done a pretty good job this season on managing the young players minutes and developing them BESIDES DONTE GREEN.Why the hell is Donte Green sitting on the bench while Andreas Nocioni’s drunkass is chucking up random 3 pointers.Nocioni does not fit this team’s youth movement and I don’t even understand why the fuck he’s even on the team other than I guess there was no way possible to trade him, even if that’s the case he shouldn’t be getting shit for minutes because Donte Green is a better player, younger and should get more time to he can improve I think that makes a little more sense for the team short term and long term?

    Paul Westphal has had no confidence or any trust in Donte Green all season long and it’s been pretty disgusting to me. Everytime Donte makes a mistake he takes or isnt having a very good game he takes him out immediately. Donte Green has played fairly well this season and has been doing good the last 3 or 4 games or whatever since he’s been starting and he just benches him and starts Francisco Garcia who hasn’t even played a game up until last week.The starting lineup should of been Tyreke, Cassipi, and Donte at SF; In my opinion why the hell would he bench Donte for Garcia?

    Garcia hasn’t proved shit this season and didn’t prove anything to me this game when he started either..makes no sense to me there.Anyways, Paul WestPhal has done a pretty good job besides handling Donte Green and actually coaching him as a player I don’t know why but he seems to have a problem with Donte Green’s game or his personality who knows but I think he needs to do a better job because Donte has a lot talent and his jumpshot is improving so why keep treating him like this? Especially since it’s a young team anyway what’s the problem with giving him a longer run? there is nothing to lose.

    Anyways, I’ll be back if necessary..peace.

    • I understand venting kf123. I respect it. I do it quite often myself. I just can’t read long paragraphs. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll go through and edit this before reading it.

      Just like StR, I can’t read long paragraphs very effectively.

      Okay in regards to young players and getting minutes. There is always a belief among fans that goes something like this; Players will develop if only the coach would play him.

      Coaches will tell you differently, and, in fact, would point that young players would have to work less for minutes by doing it that way. That is not something that any fan should want out of any player let alone a young player just dipping their feet into the NBA waters.

      Catch my drift? I hope you do. I hope you see the catch-22 within what you speak.

      As far as Cisco is concerned, I don’t think force feeding a 5 year vet minutes is any better than feeding young & upcoming talent. That being said, the only way Cisco can get any better is by giving him a certain amount of minutes. Trying to get him in the flow will be important for this team given that he hasn’t really even had a pre-season to get used to playing with his teammates.

      Thanks for stopping by KF123.

  2. I agree allowing young players to get minutes without them really working hard and proving themselves as a player isn’t good for the player but Donte Green has proved he can be productive when he’s been getting the minutes and he kind of already went through that period last season where he had to ride the bench much of the year and I think that might of made him a better player today because we can both agree he has improved since last season right? So why go through that again? just let him get consistent minutes for the simple reason of him having confidence.Jerking a young players minutes around like this and putting him in and out of the starting lineup despite what he does on the court can be very bad for a young player also.

    With Garcia I agree that it’s good to get him minutes because he’s been out so long and he probally needs it more than anybody but I think it comes down to the fact of who is more important to this teams in the long run Garcia or Green? I think Green has proved WAY more as a 2nd year player than Garcia did as a 2nd year player by the time Green is in his 5th year he should be steps ahead of Garcia.Garcia is a better ball handler and passer than Green but Garcia has been frustrating to watch his whole career because of the STUPID shots he takes and he just hasn’t been consistent at least that’s what i see out of him.Just when you think he can have a breakout season with this team this season he suffers from a huge injury that took him out the first half of the year so he’s on my down side right now but we’ll see what happens with him.

    You didn’t really bring up Nocioni getting those minutes in the 2nd half particually the 4th quarter where he took 4 stupid shots and I think 3 of them where his favorite shot a random 3 pointer? why does he do this? and the better question why is he even getting minutes? I am guessing there wasn’t any realistic option to trade him but I think the kings should make a hard push to trade him this offseason because he does not fit with this team whatsoever.The only thing I like about him is his intensity but other than that he’s an averge player at best who isnt getting any better and look what he’s getting paid? So it’s a no brainer to just get him off the damn team and stop playing him please.

    Anyways, thanks for editing the post because I am not good at that stuff when I post I will just try to get my points around but I don’t have good typing and punctuation but I will improve as long as I keep posting stuff as for now you can edit whatever you want as long as it’s easy to read.

    Peace and beaner griece~

    • Well players have to be more consistent to show that they deserve that time on the floor. I don’t know if that’s PW’s fault or the players fault. I think it’s more of a function of both sides not knowing as much as they can about each other so far. The frustration of losing has sunk in somewhat, and I wonder if that’s hurt PW’s effectiveness up to this point. It’s hard to say exactly, but we’ll see what happens.

      As far as Garcia being in the rotation, it’s a matter of opinion. He has his strengths and his weaknesses. I’m hoping to see Cisco get better over the course of the season. Now that Kevin isn’t around that will happen.

      As to why Noc doing what he does, I don’t know. Part of it’s mentality, and I think part of it’s the same flaw a lot of losing teams have: Everybody tries to do more themselves as opposed to relaxing and doing their role that can help the team win. Maybe some of it’s the role that the players are in doesn’t really suit their individual style. It’s especially difficult to do this when things aren’t going your way. It’s yet another reason why winning is such a precious thing in the NBA.

      KF123, as far as your writing and editing goes, you’re lacking some sophistication and what not. That’s okay; I lack this too quite often. I suggest for your points to be better heard that you don’t commit a cardinal sin of writing: run-on sentences.

      I suggest 3 things: 1) A small dictionary that you can look up words, 2) read as often as you can about a variety of subjects, and using the Purdue Owl site to help you with your grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. My English professor last summer suggested it, and it’s never steered me wrong. Writing is like everything else: The more you do it the easier the task becomes and eventually it’s what you want to say that is burdensome as opposed to the words and sentences you’ve strung together.

      Purdue Owl site:

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