Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 21, 2010

Game #56: Kings at Phoenix Suns

Okay, another short preview. (And no game recap. I didn’t see all of the game, and if I had, I would not have been too happy with another matadorian defensive effort. The 3’s in the 2nd qtr, were somewhat lucky and I think those aberrations can help a team win a game. Still, it’s up to the Kings to keep the Clipper players from hitting those shots. The Baby Royals did not accomplish that task last night. And, so another L gets added to the column.)

The Suns, a team the Kings are 0-3 against, despite some closes games, provide another tough matchup. Hopefully the integration project of the new Baby Royals is well underway although I’m not hopeful success will be had today. The Suns, regardless of whom the Kings put on the floor tonight, will have the better players. Stoudemire has always had great games against Sacramento (at least we’re not alone in that, right?) and that’s going to prove to be difficult. Steve Nash is, at least, still Steve Nash.

So, some things are what they are. Life’s still a bitch, Republicans still suck (Don’t worry R’s–Democrats are just as bad), and life moves on. Such as, that is. Game is at 5pm PST (starts at 6pm Phoenix local time–if you’re confused about this it’s simple; on standard time Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time Zone and on daylight savings Arizona switches to the Pacific Standard Time Zone–Got it?), TV is CSNCA, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


  1. I like how that song by the Gin Blossoms ends on the VI chord…an indeterminate resolution.

    I had to gig last night, I didn’t see the game either. from the stats, doesn’t look too purty;I’m sure if had been watching I woulda been screaming at the screen…

    Question, Pookey:today in the Bee there’s a quote in the summary blurb about the game that says the following(I’m assuming that Sam amick/or Jason jones wrote this):

    “everything will be easier(really?!addition mine)today for Carl Landry and his teammates. With one shootaround and one game under his belt, the former Houston Rocket will continue to learn coach Paul Westphal’s system. The truth is that parts of the new system are new to the entire team(Ye-ah…that’s gonna make things easier!he’s kidding right?again…that’s my voice).Westphal talked this week about how he has installed elements of his system from his Phoenix days, with Landry set to play the part of former Suns forward Charles Barkley had the Kings certainly hoping for the same outcome…”

    My question is after reading that, how much different is the old Phoenix offense that coach Westphal used back then(which I don’t remember) compared to what the Kings had been running before this statement was made/thoughts?

    I’ll be curious to see how this experiment goes. now I’m off to run my lab Spencer before the game.

    • I haven’t read Sam’s pieces today. (I don’t bother to read them every day. Shocking I know. Should I? Yes. Do I? No. I feel dirty admitting it.)

      Phoenix’s system was really predicated around Charles Barkley and Kevin Johnson. The difference between the KJ in 93 and Reke now? 5 years of experience. People complaining about lack of ball movement (like HT in StR’s game preview) are essentially ignoring that these guys haven’t learned how to do that consistently yet. Kfan in Korea had a quote (in his old sig) from Henry Abbott that sums it up really well:

      “Ball movement … is like jogging for most people: They do it occasionally, and it makes them happy. Then they go back to not doing it.”

      Hope the lab Spence is having a better life than the 7 footer. Enjoy the game Rhondda. I have a good feeling about tonight’s game as opposed to last night where I wasn’t sure what to expect.

  2. Agreed.I have an even better feeling after watching the first half.

    I like the look of the offense tonight, the spacing is good, the passing as well and the Kings are attacking the offensive glass. If they keep this up, they might win tonight. which would please me immensely.

    I don’t care what the offense is called as long as it works. phoenix was able to slow it down a bit with the use of the zone defense to end the second quarter, but if the baby royals can hit the three, what does it matter?

    • Too bad the 2nd half was putridly awful.

  3. Yeah, what a shame. I thought the defense wasn’t too bad in the second half, if they coulda kept the Suns off the offensive glass, I might even call the defense good.

    but it matters naught if you can’t get your offense pass another team playing zone the whole half. Obviously if the team can’t figure out how to get pass that, it’ll happen again and again with other teams who you know scout the opposition before games.

    Still, I enjoyed the overall effort much better than the game against Golden State. defensively it was a better effort; I’m pleased with that.

    • Well this team isn’t very good at the defensive side of rebounding. 3rd best team in the NBA at o-boards, but 23rd in d-boards. Ugh. Gotta improve that.

      On the flip side, I do agree that it was a better game than the GS game. And I think people mostly need to relax.

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