Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 22, 2010

A ranking of Kings assets

About a week and half ago, TZ had a ranking of Kings assets. Since much has changed (and because it’s a good idea), I’d like to start my own ranking for different reasons.

First, this isn’t a re-ranking of Kings assets of what TZ did 10 days ago. This is simply my ranking of what I consider to be the most valuable assets, and rather than use a number ranking, use the asset in value relation to the team (in this case the Kings) as opposed to the rest of the league.

Most Value

1) Tyreke Evans: He’s a franchise level player. I won’t say that he’s untouchable because I suppose he could be traded for someone. I’m just struggling what that someone or something would be.

2) 2010 draft pick: By virtue of Martin being traded, there isn’t a clear choice here other than the draft pick.

Conditional value that any team would be happy with for the right price

3) Omri Casspi: When you look up his stats, and ignore that his 3pt% has dropped 10 points since early January (I know), one thing does amaze me: Omri is averaging 4.1 Defensive Boards. That is extremely valuable for a team that struggles on the D-Boards. The area where Omri can improve (and will) is his passing and ball handling. The better he gets at facilitation makes him extremely value when this team will be looking for the ideal compliment to Tyreke Evans. That is why Omri is so high. He could be the ideal 3 on an Evans led team.

4) Cap Space this summer: Simply put, this could yield a player that makes the Kings a significantly better team for the 10-11 season as well as beyond. Since it can be argued that the Kings don’t have cap space until July, I’m really talking about assets come the end of the regular season. (Which is the first time the Kings could make a trade. The problem? Their cap space won’t exist yet.) However, it also makes it possible that the team could simply arrange deals in advance around draft time (which is when most deals are made between the end of the regular season and draft day) to take advantage of their cap space. While their cap space might not used to acquire a max FA player like a Chris Bosh, it can be taken advantage of. One potential swap: Jason Thompson for Troy Murphy. If the Kings were to get a player of their liking in the draft who was also big, this could make JT far more expendable in any deal. Murphy would help the team in the short term while not being a long term drain on the cap as his contract expires in the Summer of ’11. That woudl give the Kings another shot at being players in the 2011 Free Agent market with potentially drastically different rules.

The last reason I put the cap space here is that said space is the biggest reason the Kings were dealing Kevin Martin. Having flexibility for this summer (and summers beyond potentially) is a huge bonus for a team struggling at the box office right now. Using cap space to make a major home run trade is another way of attracting fans back to the team in the short run.

5) 2011 Draft Pick: I’m not sure that I would put it higher or lower than this simply because how competitive the Kings are determines the value of this pick. The higher it gets the higher value it has. The closer to the lower end of the lottery or the high playoff team picks means the Kings are going to be doing different things with it’s picks as time drags on. It also means that the other players on this team haven’t improved as much as we thought they would. This is definitely a looming hazard for the Kings if there is another high pick.

Tied for 6th) Donte Greene, Spencer Hawes and Jason Thompson: For a variety of reasons, I have them all tied because of the unusual abilities all bring. I think all could improve and make the All-Star team at some point in all their careers. I also think all 3 are also inconsistent enough that I wouldn’t necessarily put one higher than the other. All 3 have shown they bring something to the table, but all 3 also show consistent holes in their games. Unlike Omri Casspi (who I’d be very willing to drop down by the end of the season) I think this is a fluid situation simply put because all 3 aren’t rookies. In JT’s case, he hasn’t found the consistency he had earlier this season. I don’t think Spencer Hawes has ever found 10 games of consistent play that hasn’t been supremely maddening. Donte Greene has so much upside, but how much of it can be realized? Only time knows the answer to this question. Hence the basic push of all 3 guys. I will note that any 1 of these 3 guys can value the 2011 pick by becoming consistent to their high end play more often than not.

7) Carl Landry: He’s cheap (makes 3 mill this year and next) plus he’s providing this team sorely needed post play. His weaknesses are the only reason he’s this low, but if he was a better defender/rebounder the Rockets would have never traded him. Such is life.

Very limited value regardless of what happens during a specific game

8 ) Beno Udrih: By virtue of his ability to shoot and play with Evans, that gives the Kings an opportunity to have an overpaid SG/PG hybrid player behind Tyreke Evans whose contract just happens to expire the same time any extension for Evans would kick in. The real blessing is that while Beno has little value elsewhere around the league, it does mean that Beno’s quality play with the Kings means that they have a backup PG that is worth it if for nothing else because having to acquire one and not play Beno means there is no double whammy. The NBA is full of players who bring something to the table but don’t bring as much value on the court in relation to their contract.

9) Francisco Garcia: This may change if Cisco comes back healthy and has a quality string of games for the Kings in the future. However, like Beno to a large degree, his contract isn’t a great burden where the most expensive contract (before any trades or a Free Agent signing) would be Andres Nocioni’s. The truth is that the Kings can afford Garcia’s bloated (now) contract if he recovers and plays well next to Evans and others on the team. They can’t if Paul Westphal can’t figure out, and if Cisco can’t show that he’s earned it, PT that benefits Cisco and the team ultimately. The rub here is that Cisco’s skills (ball handling and shooting) seem to be a good fit with Tyreke and that matters a great deal. That is the only reason Cisco is not in the non-asset column yet.

10) The 2010 2nd round pick: This pick has value because it could net a viable player for the Kings in the future. The Kings currently would have the 34th pick if the season ended today.

11 & 12) Jon Brockman and Joey Dorsey: In my opinion, Brockman has done nothing to guarantee himself a roster spot in the future if the Kings improve by picking up better defensive talent on the front line. By being out for 2-4 weeks, I think Joey Dorsey has a great chance to pick up the roster spot the Kings might be otherwise willing to give to Nessie. It’s not like Arco is filling up to come out to see Jon Brockman play. (Which is not to say that Brockman has value.)

Non Assets

13) Ime Udoka: I like Ime Udoka as a person, and admire his perseverance as a guy trying to hang on to his career. However, in terms of NBA talent, Udoka has no value and as such is a non-asset for Geoff Petrie in a deal. He is a throw in, and any team can have him next year for a minimum contract. Still, I respect Udoka’s intangibles and what he means to the team. That doesn’t mean other teams give a shit. (Don’t hate me. Hate the truth.)

14) Andres Nocioni: The only difference between Udoka and Noc is the contract and that Noc doesn’t seem to pass as often as Ime does. Also, in terms of smart veteran presence, it’s impossible for me to think Noc’s DUI matters a lot. But in terms of leadership there isn’t any qualifier there, and I don’t think Noc really provides that. I don’t think the poor decision that Noc made on the DUI matters on the court. I really don’t. On the other hand, the DUI is symptomatic of the other problems that Noc DOES display on the court.

The saving grace for Noc (and the Kings) is that players like him are rare (physically tough, can hit the 3) and another team looking for a short fix could use a guy like Noc for the short term. His contract, while the next 2 years (before a team option–that might have some guaranteed money on the option year) is not greatly excessive even though it’s well above the production Noc gives. The good news is that the Kings could possibly package Noc with a player like Landry (It would have to be a very good player for me to agree to that) and that’s one possible way that Noc becomes more attractive to the Kings. With a cheap valuable asset like Landry, it’s nice that you have expensive assets like Noc & Cisco that you can package to make a deal worth doing for the Kings. Teams quite often value bad contracts in the ability to make cheap assets (like Landry) harder to trade. If a team really wanted Landry, I would suspect that it would take a great deal to get the Kings to bite on it. (Sort of like what happened with the Kevin Martin-Carl Landry deal only the financial relief is taking away the contract of a Noc as opposed to getting a quality player and the cap relief in return for a quality player like Kevin Martin.)

15) Dominic McGuire: Acquired at the trade deadline, I don’t see much hope for him in the way I didn’t see much hope for Sergio Rodriguez. I wouldn’t mind if McGuire actually played some minutes.

16) Larry Hughes: You’re kidding right?

Note on waived players: Their salary only counts against team salary, and thus they provide nothing in assets terminology. A team only waives a player when they think they can get something useful in return. The Kings got 500K for taking Dominic McGuire’s contract from the Wizards, and thus had to waive Kenny Thomas in order to add McGuire to the roster. That was worth waiving K9 because he wasn’t playing anyway and his contract expired this season.

On the other hand, Hughes is the only expiring contract of major value, and can’t be traded once the season has ended. This won’t matter because the only way Hughes could bring back value is in a sign & trade, and why would the Kings sign & trade Hughes? (Why would any team want to pay Hughes that much at this point?) I don’t think it matters anyway, but with regards to Joey Dorsey or Jon Brockman it could. The Kings have early bird rights to both players and could match a potential offer to either player if they were to offer a qualifying offer. Still, we’re not talking major money, and qualifying offers eat into cap space. I suspect that for awhile the Kings will be more intent in keeping maximum flexibility rather than worry about re-signing guys/extending contracts like Dorsey or Brockman.

Udoka, McGuire, Hughes, Brockman and Dorsey all will likely be Free Agents this summer. Only Dorsey has an option that the Kings can pick up. In addition, Carl Landry has a team option that the Kings are most likely to 99.999999999% pick up simply because you can’t pick up his type of production for 3 million a season.

So, there you have it. Go nuts at my list. I dare ya.


  1. Interesting post, certainly not gonna go “nuts on ya” because I mostly agree.

    I’d like to see ‘Cisco’ improve so that he’s ranked an asset; that’s what jumps out at me most about your post.

    About the lottery picks, salary cap, free agency, I’d say you set things out truthfully and in an informative manner.

    On Sergio…well…I’d like to think he could develop into a better player than you probably think he can, but since he doesn’t play for the Kings anymore, that’s immaterial really. It’ll be interesting to see how Dentoni uses him in New York, if he’s smart, he’ll (Sergio) make the most of the opportunity; since playing in the NBA is certainly not something that should be taken for granted.

    • Copying TZ usually helps on that 1 too Rhondda.

  2. Hard to really argue with your list, but one aspect of it begs a very interesting question to me….

    If you could only hold on to either Donte or Omri, who would it be? From your list it seems that it would clearly, I think that you think, be Omri. I had this debate with a friend and fellow Kings fan earlier this season and my answer then was Omri, but lately I am not so sure that is the right answer.

    The progression that Donte has made form his rookie season until now is amazing. He earned a spot in the rotation with his defense and Swiss-army-knife versatility. Having played the 2, 3, and the 4, Donte has made it tough for PW not to include him in the rotation. His jumpshot mechanics have always been there and he is proving that he can make sound shooting decisions and the mechanics can indeed translate into buckets, mainly in the flow of the offense.

    Casspi is not the defender that Donte is, and his mechanics leave something to be desired, but he has proven he can hit a variety of shots from many spots on the floor. He runs the floor probably better than anyone on the team, and has a fire inside his chest that fans love to see. He still makes some rookie type space cadet plays, but seems to take direction fairly well, despite a run-in with PW earlier in the year.

    There is a quick case for each player. If I had to make the decision right now, I would still go with Casspi, but Greene has made one hell of a case for himself.

    So, who do you keep?

    • At this point Quick, and thanks for stopping by (always appreciated), I would go Omri because he’s a better shooter, and he’s a better rebounder (Omri does not play the 4 like Donte does).

      Omri is also a better ball handler, and I think ultimately that Donte’s best assets may not necessarily be what we see them as today (although I can’t lie; I don’t see how taking away a quality defender helps the Kings D).

      I think that the Kings made a decision on Kevin Martin, and the decision is that the rest of the young guys matter more. If that makes any sense.

      • You mention facilitation as an important facate for Omri to improve. He seems to see the floor better than Donte at this point, which you alluded to in your response, and I think that is very important given who our current PG is. When you have a shoot first PG, it helps to have others who are willing and able to share the ball.

        With that being said, I sure hope Hawes can learn to hit the glass just a little better to get our best passer on the court a little more.

        • Very good point Quick. I think that Hawes ability to play out of the high post and use his passing is an important point. But if he isn’t more aggressive on the boards (and sometimes that isn’t his fault) than it’s somewhat moot because he’s negating what he’s doing on the offensive end.

          It’s a difficult conundrum, and I think the solution (although many are still at the BPA stage) will be looking for the best all around big (primarily defensive).

  3. ….and a fairly cheap one, which I think GP discovered as the trade deadline approached. Does that make Cole Aldrich a likely choice? Doesn’t seem like a GP pick, but he seems to fill a need.

    • I personally would want Derrick Favors, but that’s me.

  4. I will just put my own little power rankings on who I think is the most important to the team.

    Tyreke Evans – Franchise Player level talent we all know what he can do.Slash to the hoop, post up, rebound for a pg, bring people in when he drives…can pretty much do it all besides a jumpshot AND i’m not sure about his passing yet.You said Tyreke Evans does not have a natural vision for a Point Guard and isnt a natural passer like a Steve Nash or Chris Paul and I agree.I think he is a good passer though just not a great passer but can he develope into a great passer? somebody who isnt a naturally great passer can they become better and develope into a natural Point Guard because he isn’t really one right now.Does he even have to be a natural Point Guard in the future for this team to be successful in the future? This team needs passers around him like you guys were saying but they also need players who can create there own shots around him.Casspi can and Donte a little bit but other than that this team does not have many players who can create there own shots, maybe Carl Laundry will help that.

    Omri Cassipi\Donte Green – I usually value PF\C higher than SG|SF but in the Kings case Hawes and Thompson have been so inconsistent I think Omri and Donte are more valuable to the team.One thing that Cassipi has over Green is if you judge both of there rookie seasons it’s not even close, Omri Cassipi has looked a lot more NBA ready than Donte did in his rookie season but does that make him an overall better player as in today? I think it’s closer than people think. Donte is more athletic, better man to man defender and help defender and I think with Donte’s talent he has a better chance Omri to be a star in the NBA if he keeps working hard.Omri is a better shooter, scorer, and ball handler right now both of there passing games are not really impressive to me but I guess i’ll give Omri the edge he is jewish.It will be interesting to see how these two develope as players as time goes by though, one thing that Omri has the edge on Donte is that he’s on Paul Westpaul’s good side and Westphal has a lot more trust in him, when Omri makes mistakes he doesn’t get shifted out of the game as much as Donte does don’t ask me why that’s just the way it’s been..probally because Omri is a little smarter and turns the ball over a little less I dont know but we’ll see who earns the trust in the coach as years go by.

    Thompson\Hawes – Both players have shown signs of being very solid bigs and both players have shown signs of being very solid busts.A lot of people would rather have Hawes but if I had to pick between them I would take Thompson and not think twice about it.Hawes is supposed to be the big man that has all the skill and that’s the reason why the kings drafted him but going by there time in the NBA so far Jason Thompson’s midrange jumpshot is a lot more consistent than Hawes midrange jumpshot and Thompson does not take three pointers!! Thompson is also more aggressive, attacks the rebounds, does not have many posts moves but at least tries to get in the post more ofton than hawes, and has better endurance and mobility than Hawes does.In the long run both can be very good big men if they can put it all together they just have to consistent for god sakes.Stop having 2 good games and the next 4 not do anything, both of them have this problem.If it was up to me though I think the best player for this team is Jason Thompson because like you said he plays a lot better with Tyreke who like you said is the franchise player for this team so wouldn’t it make sense to keep the guy who fits best with the best player if it came down to it? Dont forget this is only Thompson’s 2nd season in the league meanwhile hawes has had 2 and a half years to adapt to the NBA game and still plays like a freshmen in college on a lot of occassions.

    Carl Landry – I think Landry can be a 18\8 big man at BEST on a bad team but once this team becomes better and he gets less and less touches how productive can he be? I like Landry but he seems like a type of player who blends into a game and fits more as as 3rd or 4th option offensively.Right now he’s been the 3rd option behind Tyreke and Omri since he’s came back.He just came to the team a week ago and he seems a little more confortable with the offense than Hawes does and gets a lot more touches on offense than Thompson does.One thing that Landry has helped is moving Jason Thompson to Center has been good for him because he’s been rebounding very well since and it just looks like he’s been more confortable at that position.The only problem with Landry is he does not play any defense near the paint almost like he doesn’t want to play defense or he doesn’t want to get in foul trouble even when he’s not in the danger of getting in foul trouble? He just keeps his hands up like a statue when that’s obviously not going to get it down when you’re going up against guys like Amare Stoudamire and Chris Kaveman? What’s he thinking? He is more of a hustler guy off the bench I think and he can fit into that 6th man offensive scorer off the bench IF the kings can get a good overall big man in the draft so that’s only time that will tell.

    Beno Udrih – Was playing great during the period Kevin Martin was injured but ever since he came back he went into a slump and hasn’t been consistent since.The beginning of the season he looked like the Beno that first replaced Bibby but now he looks like the Beno that led a 17 – 190 team or whatever there record was last season.Beno is a little bit overpaid for what he does but he kind of fits in nice with Tyreke because he can handle the ball while Tyreke plays off the ball but if they him in a trade I wouldn’t really give a shit.However, if he stays I wouldn’t really give a shit so he’s pretty much neutral to me.

    Andreas Nocioni – Now this guy is the opposite of neutral to me.I already explained my thoughts on him so I’m just going to make it quick..he’s a stupid ass fucking drunk who deserves to be screened back to Argentina.I am only kidding I don’t hate the guys guts I just prefer for him to GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LOCKER ROOM.

    John Brockman – I actually disagree with you about Brockman I think he should have some value especially to this team or any future team because of how aggressive he is on the rebounds.When he’s in there he gets you 10 rebounds in 20 minutes that’s so many extra possessions he can give you for a team and it’s not like it’s going to be expensive to get him back or anything so why not keep him for a bench role with this team for years to come? Brockman only brings positive energy to me and nothing else.I don’t think there’s any harm of bring him back when his rookie contract is done and especially keep playing him on this lackluster rebounding team.

    I am not going to discuss Garcia because you pretty much know my thoughts about him.Anyways, tried the best I could to get everything solid enough to read shouldn’t be too bad.

    Peace and Chink Griece~

    • Your doing fine KF123 in terms of writing. It gets easier the more you do it too.

      As far as JT, midrange game is his strength offensively shooting wise. Spence can shoot the 3’s, and when he’s wide open I have no problem with him taking them. Especially if it’s within the rhythm of the offense. I just think people too often pigeonhole Spence into being something he’s not: Kareem Abdul Jabbar or somebody like that.

      I really don’t think Noc is a stupid drunk so I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. Rashard Lewis got a DUI when he was in Seattle. Is he a stupid drunk? Jason Richardson once got a DUI with his 2 year old in the backseat? Do you think Noc would have done that? (My answer would be no.) I would be shocked if he ever gets into trouble such as that again. Having said that, Noc is not the player the Kings ultimately need and PW may have trouble finding Noc minutes unless Hawes is completely out of the rotation like we saw in the Detroit game.

      Beno is a rhythm player. I just think it’s a matter of finding the right rhythm with Beno offensively. But I think he’ll be fine for the most part if the team is going alone fine. I do think it hurts Beno when Spence isn’t on the court (and vice versa). They play well as a tandem.

      Don’t get me wrong about Brockman KF123. I like him, but I don’t think he’s a top 4 rotation big in the L. I’m sorry if you disagree, and that’s your right, but Nessie has to do more than what he’s done to show me that he’s a full time rotation player. Just because a player is liked amongst the fanbase doesn’t mean he’s a full caliber NBA player.

      Thanks for stopping by KF123.

  5. hello Kingsfan 123. I don’t know your feelings on francisco garcia so could you elaborate a bit?(Or pookey if he knows your opinion?). i liked ‘Cisco’s offensive play in the 4th quarter of the Detroit game tonight.Where he needs to settle down is on ‘d’. he has a tendency to impulsively over-guard and gets caught into split second fakeouts sometime(e.g, example A with Rip hamilton tonight), he needs to relax (if that’s the right word)into his defense more. trust himself more.

    As for Brockman, not a strarter guy but yeah; he plays hard. & if he’s consistent attacking the glass when others aren’t;sure, he deserves extra minutes.

    caspi vs. greene?Why choose?if it were up to me, I’d want both because I see them as complimentary to each other.

    Tyreke Evans will never be a Steve Nash point guard, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a great point guard of another type. There are other tough, penetrating in the paint point guards he reminds me of, I’d say his game is more Deron Williams than Steve Nash, but that’s just my take.

  6. Pookey,
    Do you plan to write something up for us concerning the benching and public ridicule of Spencer?

    It has been a bit surprising to me how people over at STR are reacting toward PW on this issue. I have a feeling you don’t quite feel the same way. I certainly do not.

    • Yeah I’ll have something up Quick.

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