Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 25, 2010

Jason Thompson out for extended period

According to Tom Ziller and Sam Amick, Jason Thompson will out be for two weeks (or something). Apparently the Kings tweeted this</a More updates coming, and much thanks to TZ for breaking the unfortunate news.

1st Update: The official Press Release is up. Voisin’s post on the Bee Blog says almost the same thing the press release for the Kings does.

2nd Update (with real analysis now–this is instead of a post that would be very redundant–PG):

I think in the short term, this simply means that Spencer Hawes and Carl Landry are going to get a shitton of minutes. It also means that Joey Dorsey (by means of the Brockman and Thompson injuries) will likely get a ton of minutes in the interim. As will Sean May. That’s the simple analysis. The reality? Let’s delve into that.

Anyone who has been a Kings fan knows that Hawes has wanted more minutes. Here is his chance. That’s the simplest analysis I can offer. Carl Landry can show everything and then some about his potential. Joey Dorsey has never gotten a better opportunity that he deserves minutes in a NBA rotation. Sean May will get plenty of PT. Just like the Kevin Martin injury gave the opportunity for others to get minutes, it’s the same idea (I think) with JT’s injury for the other players. Paul Westphal has leaned heavily on JT all season long, and now being out extended time (at least the next 2 weeks is my guess–but it could be longer or shorter depending on how severe it is–and I’m not a doctor so I have no clue here) could provide the excuse that PW needs to play other guys and see how they work together. Over the course of the season, JT has been the best big for the Kings. Now he’s out, the Kings will have to give those minutes to Hawes because JT is no longer there.

Is this worthy of a real long analysis? I think not actually.

If earlier this season is any indication, the Kings did well when injury struck. Maybe lightning can strike twice again.


  1. Worse things can happen to a team that needs to get a good long look at some new bigs. I think you are right when you say this a great opportunity for Spencer, and I hope he takes full advantage of it. Sure would be nice to have him on track to get this current situation us.

    Feel bad for JT. His been the guy who always shows up to work.

    • Quick, outta curiosity, who are you? Do I know you from StR and just not recognizing you? (Totally okay.) If you don’t want to say who you are, just email me at

      • Just a guy who’s been reading STR for quite a while (though I don’t post or comment) and caught onto your site from there…your old sig line I think. Grew up in Sacramento and now live in Bellingham. Funny story: I just ran into Spencer in a gas station here in Bellingham during the all-star break. I’ll shoot you an email.

        • Ha I’d love to hear this one Quick. And thanks for the insightful comments. Always appreciated.

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