Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 26, 2010

Game#58: Utah Jazz at Kings

Tonight the Jazz. Tomorrow? Possible Debaucherous blasphemy.

As I wrote in this comment last night, I’m going to repeat it:

I think the problem is the contrasting of styles that Hawes has and what PW needs/wants out of a big. For the first time in Hawes career, there is a big alongside Spence who can play inside as a post scorer. That leaves Spence to man the high post, and in turn that makes him more dangerous because he can feed Landry the ball in spots that Tyreke is not adept at being able to deliver the ball to Landry. That’s critical if the Kings are going to improve their play without JT.

If you go through some of Hoopdata’s data you’ll notice a lot of Landry’s scores are assisted inside. But, this year there was a precipitous drop in assisted scores. I wouldn’t be shocked to see if the Kings pound the ball inside with Landry now they’ve had some time to figure him out. Especially with JT out where JT was trying to roam in the paint like a lost buffalo. (It is not JT’s strength really.)

Because Spencer is what he is, I think he will improve if PW lets him play the role he’s best suited for offensively: At the high post. With Landry around, he should be only playing in the low block for the Kings. Anything other than that is a disappointment.

This is, for all intents and purposes, the real last chance Spence will ever get to gain PW’s trust. If he doesn’t, and if PW doesn’t relent because of personal problems, well there’s nothing to be done about that. However, there’s some give & take here and I think PW will adjust to all of this. Or maybe that’s just well wishing on my part.

In short, I think we’re looking at a great opportunity to see a different Kings offense in the future that better utilizes all it’s talents rather than the older system that was squeezing JT in a role he wasn’t as well suited in because the coaching staff believed JT needed those minutes.

That’s really why PW gets so much heat in this deal. But Spence deserves his share of blame. But now? No excuses left for either side to say it can’t work.

I’m looking forward to this group without JT because I think they can thrive up to a point. Maybe the doubt and anger of fans will dissipate as time moves along and this team is able to pick up momentum.

This is the crux of the issue now. Will PW sacrifice whatever went on between Spence and him and let it go for the betterment of the team? Will Spence handle himself more appropriately?

I also think, though, who plays alongside Tyreke Evans at SG will be another issue given that the Jazz are not very strong at that position (they traded their best SG in Ronnie Brewer away over the trade deadline). Also, because of Martin being traded, it’s up to PW & his staff to come up with that replacement. Every game where a team is going to be significantly weaker than the Kings at the position, fans of Martin will be pointing and saying I told you so. (Not that PW cares.) On the other hand, if the Kings can find a player who fits in a reasonable alongside Reke than it’s easy enough to imagine why a trade was done. With so many practice days (and enough drama) this week, this team should come out and perform well tonight.

Mehmet Okur and Carlos Boozer, for what they are and aren’t, are not shot blockers. Nothing should really keep the Kings from A) being able to score the ball inside with Evans (on drives) and Landry (on postups). The only shot blocker the Jazz have is Andrei Kirilenko, and he’s not always playing down low. Oh, and Deron Williams is pretty good too. (Although he’s not a shot blocker either.)

The Jazz play at the middle of the pack pace, are 7th in offensive efficiency and 9th in defensive efficiency.

The Kings are the 6th fastest pace, 21st in offensive efficiency and 28th in defensive efficiency (cellar here we come!).

There is going to have to be high & low action between Hawes & Landry. Omri is going to have to play well (and shoot well). Reke is going to have to give up the ball more than he’s accustomed to sometimes. Everyone will have to rebound and act as if the 5 guys on the court are responsible for every rebound defensively. (You can refer to this as gang rebounding.)

The game is at 7pm PST, TV is CSNCA, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


  1. I’m pretty excited about this game and here’s why:

    I do think that this is a great opportunity for Spencer in JT’s absence, but I think Landry will steal the show. I think Hawes will do fine, mind you, but I think Carl will take full advantage of a painted area free of “lost buffalo” and a glut of extra minutes.

    He might not get it started tonight however. He has averaged 7.5 ppg against the Jazz this year (10 pts. and 5 pts.) in a total of 43 minutes while shooting 3-11 (27.2%) for the two games.

    He has rebounded well though, pulling down 6 boards in each game while playing 26 mpg.

    I’ve gotta’ go get my DVR set for March 3rd.

    • Have fun watching the game Quick.

  2. Solid game and everybody on the team played well, even Hawes.Tyreke Evans outplayed a 5 year veteran allstar PG Deron Williams which was really impressive.He got to the basket on Williams almost whenever he wanted too and Williams had a pretty brutal game shooting wise probally not due to Tyreke’s defense but at least the Kings made him work for everything tonight.Spencer Hawes also had a very solid game after putting Kings fans and himself to shame the last three or four days but my only question is can he do this consistently? I would bet against it but I won’t be negative we will see.

    The only two things I was not happy with was Joey Dorsey’s play and Donte Green’s minutes.Dorsey got 10 minutes and didn’t really impress me at all, Brockman does the same things just a ton better.Omri Cassipi was having a bad game today and he cut down his minutes and gave them to Udoka and Nocioni instead? What the hell is this? I understand Garcia had a solid game tonight and that was pretty wise giving him some time for confidence issues and whatnot but Udoka played awful out there and so did Nocioni.You got to stay with a player even if he’s young I’m not saying always start him but let him know what he can expect if he works hard or plays well on the court, enough with the Starting, off the bench, Dnps…

    Other than that small little thing that bugged me it was a great performance by the young team tonight and I’m just happy they got the win.

    • KF123-

      It was quite strange that Donte Greene recieved ZERO minutes in this game to me as well. On one hand, you can say that PW was going with what was working in this particular game, where the starters played heavy minutes (Omri the exception here) and subs were defensive subs (Nocioni the exception here), on the other hand you can say that Greene’s DNP is more of PW’s inconsistency.

      As I commented in previous threads, I think this team needs its veteran core to have more of a presence on this team, whether that is in the locker room or on the floor. I do believe that we need to be committed to our future, but we just have so many young players, some of them have to sit. Greene has a great attitude this year and PW knows that. I don’t believe there was any harm done here. And we won. Greene will get plenty of minutes in the near future.

      Well, Pookey, you were right. Spencer had a hell of a game and he did utilizing his strengths, not by trying to be something he is not. But you DID NOT call the choreographed hand-slapping between PW and Spence.

      • When I saw that in the bar I was at Quick, I nearly died. I couldn’t believe it.

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