Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 4, 2010

I know I haven’t been posting, but my dog ate my laptop….

I’ve decided to not post a recap of the last 3 games (even though I’ll end up seeing 2 of the 3). If the title doesn’t give it away, I’m having problems with my laptop. So, that’s why there hasn’t been much lately.

As soon as I get it back, that should change. Thanks for reading at any rate.


  1. Whatever, man…excuses are for the weak!

    Glad to see you back though, I’m ready for my bi-annual break from StR.

    • Now at least people will know whom I’m referring to when I reply to you as Otis.

      • Yeah, I figured I should clean that up. Not like I’m blogging these days anyways.

        You doing a game preview for tonight?

        • Nah. I figure I’ll just take a break from my mostly pointless previews. If people want, I can put up a game thread. But other than that, I won’t do anything else. Not until I get my laptop back.

  2. How’s your dog? Glad to see at least this minuscule amount up. I was starting to think you’d taken your ball and gone to join Sham covering the Turkish league. Hope you get your laptop resurrected sone.

    • The dog is floating somewhere in cyberspace BJ. And, I’ll be back at some point. I can’t wait until I get my laptop back. LOL

  3. Hurry back Pookey, Omri hasn’t been the same since you left. He needs you.

    • He did okay last night though Quick. I’ll be back eventually. Hopefully I will anyway.

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