Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 16, 2010

Game #68: Los Angeles Lakers at Kings

So tonight it’s the Lakers and all the evil they dredge from the 213 with them. (And, there’s a lot of 213 evil to dredge up.)

Given the circumstances of today with Sam leaving the Bee I figured the day will always be overshadowed. (Leave it to Sam to overshadow the Lakers. Good show Sam!)

We know some things. We know the Lakers played last night (and barely beat the Dubs). We know that the Lakers are the better team and have won more games than the Kings. We know the Kings are a worse offensive, defensive, rebounding team than the Lakers.

But we don’t care. That’s why we’re Kings fans. It’s why we listen to Grant Napear on his pathetic radio show. We like pain. We like being beaten. We’re all into S&M.

Last night, Steph Curry abused Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown. Tonight, I expect Tyreke Evans to do that. I also expect the Lakers to have to put Kobe Bryant on Tyreke if they are able to stop Reke tonight. (A feat that does not have to be done to beat the Warriors.)

Spencer Hawes has to be on like he was in LA for the Kings to win tonight. Carl Landry ripping up the nets vs Pau Gasol is something that would be tremendous too.

The Kings need WaBeno Udrih of the Yetti clan to step forward and make everyone’s life miserable.

In short, everyone needs to play well tonight to beat the Lakers. That’s what it takes to beat them on any given night. (What makes it hard to do in a playoff series is you don’t usually have players who can match that level of intensity night in & night out.)

Game is at 7pm PST, TV is CSNCA, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!

UPDATE: If you can, consider helping out Jason Ross and his 7 year old with a marrow transplant.


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