Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 20, 2010

Reaction to Tyreke Evans jaw and concussion (oh and there was a game last night too?)

First, it’s disappointing that the Kings lost. I know the Kings didn’t have Evans, and the Bucks got lucky a bit with the game tying 3 pointer (I didn’t notice Reke was out, but I did notice Salmons hitting that lucky 3–it’s amazing what you notice when you’re drinking).

Having said that, there is important stuff to discuss with regards to Reke.

Does Tyreke really have a concussion?

I’ve seen Gerald Wallace getting concussions in the past. This is not like that. What happened with Reke was very painful, but it certainly didn’t seem to me like a real concussion. (Although I’ve never had one so I’m not one to judge.) Reke certainly seemed coherent enough to walk off the floor (he’s a tough kid) and that’s a great sign with regards to the concussion.

Does Ersan Ilyasova deserve a suspension?

No. I don’t think so, but then again I don’t think Ilyasova did anything wrong. He wasn’t swinging his elbows, and what I saw was a bad luck play on the Kings 20 year old franchise player.

Does his mouth hurt? Will he need jaw surgery?

What am I a dentist? Of course his mouth hurts. As far as surgery, Jason Jones tweeted today (H/T Aykis) that the x-ray’s on Reke’s jaw were negative.

What does this all mean in terms of medical advice?

I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I know that Reke’s jaw not being broken and 2 cracked teeth make him lucky. Yes, it’s painful, but Reke has the money to get it fixed. (Nevermind the Kings will do it for him.) When the pain subsides, and when it’s all said & done, he’ll be okay. His jaw will be sore for awhile, but it will improve with time. It’s not fatal, and it’s certainly not going to be something that hinders him long term unless it becomes mental. (More on this in a bit.)

Will this effect his Rookie of the Year campaign?

Technically, I suppose it could. The reality is that unless the voters use that as a criteria against Tyreke (which I suppose is possible but not likely), than these are the same voters who didn’t hold it against Brandon Roy in his rookie season despite 57 played games. Reke already has 64 under his belt. I think Reke is okay there.

Could there be a long term effect?

Could there? Sure there could. Pigs could also fly and do backflips while whistling “Mr Tambourine Man” too.

The thing is that nobody knows how Reke will respond to this. I suspect it won’t be a big deal in the long run, and I suspect he will be fine. What happened hurts, and it won’t be easy to play through the pain, but it also isn’t easy making Ron Artest look like he’s a slow rookie either. Tyreke Evans has worked far too hard, for far too long, to let an injury, one that doesn’t affect anything other than his mouth really, be something that ultimately effects him.

As far as the concussion effect, Gerald Wallace has gotten a few of them, and they are an issue. Yet he manages to be an effective NBA player and made his First All-Star team despite the slew of concussions.

Are you worried about this incident?

Not really not right now I’m not. If this continues to linger and be a problem than I’ll be worried. If it’s a mental issue where Reke loses what makes him special, which is that inability to stop him from getting to the bucket whenever he wants, which is all the time, than I suppose I’ll be worried. But unless Tyreke Evans changes that fundamental nature of his game, and I doubt he will, I don’t think there is much to worry about.

Aren’t you worried about him even a little bit? Having a bruised jaw and cracked teeth sucks!

I’m not part of the Blueprint. It’s not my job to worry about Tyreke Evans health and well being. That’s the Kings job, and ultimately Tyreke Evans, and to whatever other extent, his family and friends.

That being said, I empathize that his jaw hurts, and he’s going to have to get major surgery on 2 teeth. I’d rather it didn’t happen, but I’d rather a lot of things didn’t happen too. This particular incident is just put on a long list of things already there.

When does Tyreke Evans look to come back?

Good question. I imagine the franchise will let him sit down some, and try to get him in a practice before they let him back in the game. Reke is a tough kid, and can take hits with the best of them, but he’s also 20 and sometimes most of the time 20 year old/young men can be headstrong. (In terms of trying to make your team better on the court, it’s an asset. In terms of trying to will yourself past an injury that only time can cure, it’s a liability.) If the Kings don’t look out for Tyreke Evans well-being here, and that includes protecting himself from wanting to play when he really isn’t ready, I imagine that will be an issue.

I don’t really think this is that greatly different from Reke’s painful ankle, and I imagine the nervousness and anxiety that stems from this (if you’re a fan) is more about what will happen with the ROTY award. I think Reke’s had it locked up for a long time, and has done nothing to give the award away. (If anything that’s made him better, and the Kings, in turn, better too.) That includes if Reke doesn’t play another game this year (which I expect).

It could be a lot worse. A whole lot worse. Take a deep breath and relax. He’s only 20.



  1. I ‘Reke go down in the scum under the basket but couldn’t tell what happened. It was pretty obvious early that as soon as the time out was called that ‘Reke wasn’t bouncing back up.

    With the towel over his face I thought he had caught an elbow to his nose and had a bloody nose. I can’t say if Ilyasova played dirty or not but I can say the Kings would be much better if we had a player like Ilyasova in the front court.

    I got hit in the head with a 2 x 4 once and got knocked out for about 10 seconds. I definitely had a concussion and was out of work for 3 days. The strangest thing was that my short term memory was affected and couldn’t remember anything that had happened two o three days before.

    Hard to say what degree of a concussion ‘Reke sustained. From what I’ve read it seems like his dental problems are going to be the bigger issue.

    Is this going to cause problems for ‘Reke’s game going forward. Please. If anything this is going to help him get focused. He’s been bloodied in battle and took a hit for the team and if anything else is going to expect his team mates to start playing with the same focus he brings to the game.

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