Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 28, 2010

Game #74: Kings at Cleveland Cavaliers

Like the Boston game, I see little reason to offer a preview.

But, I’m a sucker and glutton for punishment. Such is life I suppose.

According to Jason Jones notes yesterday off the Bee Blog, it’s possible that Spencer Hawes may play today (Hawes is day to day according to Jones’ notes in the paper today).

The Cavs in offensive efficiency rank 4th, and defensively rank 7th, with the 6th slowest pace in the NBA overall. The Kings counter by being the 6th fastest team with the 21st best offensive effiency and the 22nd best defensive efficiency.

If I had to pick a key matchup, it would be Donte Greene vs LeBron James. Donte just has to stay in the game and make LBJ work for everything he gets. If he doesn’t the Kings are screwed.

I think the Kings are screwed anyway after the Cavs lost in SA on Fri night, but this makes no nevermind. The Baby Royals are still screwed.

Game is at 12pm PST, TV is CSNCA, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


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