Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 29, 2010

Dominic McGuire out for the season

Jason Jones wrote on the Bee Blog that McGuire is out for the season. This is a big deal because, other than Beno Udrih, the Kings have no real ball handlers playing right now.

This is especially true since Francisco Garcia’s wrist has become real sore at the moment. You need an extra ball handler, and without McGuire (that was something he brought), you don’t have that.

TZ opined that the Kings need a ball handler or two from the D-League today, and I agree. (If you haven’t read the post I suggest reading it, and the link to Scott Schroeder who writes Ridiculous Upside.)

Even if Mustafa Shakur or Will Conroy aren’t the ideal fits for the Kings, who cares? The Kings waived Larry Hughes and have a roster spot. There is no point in keeping that roster spot open if you can’t make it work for you. When you need a ball handler, chances are there isn’t many ideal fits out there anyway.

I’ll be shocked if it isn’t announced by tomorrow that Mustafa Shakur makes a return to the Kings, or Will Conroy is called up to his first stint with the Baby Royals. Regardless of whether Tyreke Evans plays Tuesday in Indy vs the Pacers, the Kings are going to need an extra ball handler. Conroy or Shakur seems to be the best bet at this point.



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