Posted by: Kingsguru21 | March 29, 2010

Tyreke Evans expected to return tomorrow in Indy; Also Brockman is returning and Joey Dorsey is waived

Well, not surprising they’ve said he’ll try to play. Evans practiced without issue and that was what the Kings were looking for. (Shocking.)

The other interesting piece of news is that Jon Brockman is also expected to return tomorrow as well. But what’s surprising is that the Kings waived Joey Dorsey (huh?).

One question: Why? If the Kings had 14 roster spots, and need bigs, why waive Dorsey? I wonder if this is because the Kings are planning on bringing Mustafa Shakur AND Will Conroy in. (That would make sense as to why they waived Dorsey more than anything else.) Other than that, I’m confused as to why the Kings would waive Dorsey. But given that he hasn’t played much I don’t know I should be that shocked.

Either way, if you just read the Dominic McGuire bit below I don’t think this changes any potential call-up for Will Conroy or Mustafa Shakur. The Kings absolutely need another ball handler and Conroy/Shakur provides a cheap potential option that does nothing but help you for the remaining 8 games.

Interesting times these last 8 games.

UPDATE: Paul Westphal talks about all this stuff.

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