Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 1, 2010

Spencer Hawes out for the season

The Kings have sent out a press release that has confirmed as such (h/t to Zach @ CK).

Really, it isn’t that surprising. It’s just now that this has happened 2 years in a row. Ughety Ugh Ugh. Like Zach, I hope it isn’t career threatening. That is never a good thing. (On the other hand, treated properly this should be healed by summer at the latest.)

On the other hand, it will give Jon Brockman a lot of minutes. Maybe this isn’t all terrible.

UPDATE: Jason Jones writes in the Bee Blog that Dr Holland is the same doc who operated on Spence’s knee before his rookie season. The doctor is in Seattle so Spence gets to come home for free. (I kid.)

UPDATE 2: No new information from Hawes, but Jones got a quote from him on the Bee Blog:

Hawes said he’ll be in the weight room this offseason and looks to be a force on both ends of the court. When it comes to his knee, Hawes is adapting this mindset: It’s not what happens initially,” Hawes said. “It’s how you come back.”

You can also read this from the paper which pretty much states what the Blog entry did. But there’s more meat and a good quote from PW. Read it.


  1. Hopefully with rest Spence will be ok…

    Might create more minutes for Sean May too, as well as Brockman…I’d like to see both players get a little more playing time so that I could be able evaluate their talents more in a NBA setting; but that’s just me.

    • You know you’re 2-2 today Rhondda. I totally forgot about Sean May as well. I’m really excited to see how the Kings come out vs Portland Saturday night. That’s going to be a really fun game to watch.

  2. This may be poor timing…

    but I really hope the Kings draft a guy that gives them no choice but to make Spence a backup center. JT and Spence coming off the bench behind Landry and (big man of choice) would be pretty effective, I’d imagine.

    They’d both fair better against team’s second units.

    • No such thing as poor timing Quick. Just a poor response.

      I think Spence’s main problem is he needs a player who simply can take the heat off his physical limitations. It’s one reason I keep mentioning Derrick Favors (other than I think he’s exactly the player the Kings need).

      I wouldn’t mind if Hawes & Landry started and JT/Favors came off the bench next year. I also don’t mind if Hawes/Jt is traded for a Troy Murphy like player.

  3. Yeah, I was excited about the Murphy rumors that circulated near the trade deadline…not sure if you remember that. I’ve always been a fan of his.

    I’m a bigger fan of JT than of Spencer, but I’m not too attached to either. Though I’ve often convinced myself that it is too early to give up on Spencer. Dude has real skills.

    I’ve been reading about Favors. Seems like a real good kid. It sounds like he’d work hard to improve, therfore being more likely to reach his potential, which seems to be very high.

    You know Favors’ game better than I do, do you think he’d challenge our bigs for starters minutes right away?

    • Not sure if I remember the Murphy rumors? I’ve been talking about Troy Murphy every time David Lee comes up. I’d much rather have Murphy (despite the lesser rep–in fact that’s another reason why) than Lee.

      If you haven’t read this AJC article on Favors Quick, you should. Interesting read. I don’t think I linked it here (I did at StR but I probably didn’t remember to).

      As far as challenging for minutes, yeah I think he would. You don’t draft a player to sit him and watch. If he isn’t playing right away, he’s not likely to be as good.

      You’ll probably find one of the few reasons I like him in the article.

      • Tough night for Reke. I know the 20-5-5 thing doesn’t really matter in the large scheme, but I really want to see him accomplish it.

        His scoring has been so consistent all year, I figured that would be the one category that he was a shoe-in to keep above the aforementioned threshold.

        But with his 6 point performance last night, Aykis16 over at STR says that he is one point behind the pace. I know Tyreke is watching his stat line and wants to join Oscar/Jordan/James. I don’t know it, but I know it.

        Most times, he seems content to get 20. It’ll be interesting to see if he has some sort of 35(or so) point outburst somewhere in these last 5 games to help seal the deal.

        He has his work cut out for him, however as the last 5 opponents (SA, LAL, LAC, DAL, HOU, not in order) either have bigs to help stop Tyreke at the rim, or a guy names Battier that doesn’t need the help of a big man.

        In a season of less than 30 wins, you need sub-plots to stay interested. Individual stats are a better sub-plot to me than popcorn, chocolate syrup and shaving cream.

        Do you give a shit about this, Pookey? Or is your head already too deep in the draft to pay attention?

        I’ve read that article, and from what is written there, I would love to have the guy on the Kings. This team has a lot of good guys….Reke, Omri, I love Cisco, Noce, Kmart was GREAT, JT…I can keep going. I wouldn’t mind a guy that will knock someone’s dick in the dirt and not apologize for it. Someone that might take a game suspension for coming to Reke’s rescue when and if it is needed.

        I know that Brockman is tough and can eat a lot of pancakes. I know that Omri went through Israeli boot camp and is not afraid to foul. Neither of these guys make opposing guards think twice about coming into the paint. Could Cousins be that guy? I don’t know. Could Favors? I don’t know. I just think that Cousins would be the last to apologize for it, and I think that is okay. The opposing team should not like your defensive big man, unless he has the world greatest smile and is not afraid to wear a Superman Cape for showmanship and leads the league in blocked shots.

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