Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 6, 2010

Game #78: San Antonio Spurs at Kings

Tonight it’s the Spurs. Tomorrow it’s icebags until you are no longer stiff everywhere.

In case you hadn’t realized, or you simply don’t care, the Spurs are still good enough to compete for a lower playoff spot in a stacked Western Conference that has seen Portland charge up the standings (they are a half game behind SA coming into tonight). Also, if that wasn’t enough, Tony Parker announced via his Twitter account (H/T to Wayne Vore at PtR) that he is indeed playing. My first thought: We are fucked.

The Spurs are slow, they have a fading but good offense, and, a still stellar but not once it what was, defense that is sort of fading as Tim Duncan is ready to qualify AARP for next year. (Oh, that’s for old. Not unemotional. My bad.) The Kings, well, are what they are. (TZ had a great post today about how the Kings went from a good offensive/bad defensive team early to a decidedly less than average offensive AND defensive team.)

So what are the keys? Well, pushing the pace and getting out to run at every opportunity. The Kings have to push the pace and get as many scoring opportunities against the Spurs as possible. They won’t score as much in the halfcourt, and even with Tyreke Evans being able to score, it doesn’t mean that the Kings best opportunities won’t come in transition anyway. (Are you noticing a common theme here? The Kings are better in transition?)

Anyway, It’s going to take a miracle effort for Jason Thompson against Tim Duncan, Carl Landry is going to have go off and stay in that stratosphere all game, and the Spurs are not going to have to play their best. They’ve played well recently beating Orlando at home and the Lakers at Staples. Needless to say, the Kings aren’t as good as either of those two teams.

After last season, and lord knows how awful last season’s finale was against the Spurs, the Kings are due. If for nothing else, at least it won’t be Michael Finley who beats the Kings this time around.

If reading is your thing, I suggest Pounding the Rock and 48 Minutes of Hell. (PtR is a goofy, but funny, blog. 48MOH is a serious but knows their shit type of blog. Both are always worth reading.)

Game is at 7pm PST, TV is CSNCA, and Radio is 1140. Enjoy!


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