Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 9, 2010

Kings Dunk Off on Youtube

Here is the clip of Donte Greene and Jon Brockman dunking:

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  1. Honestly, I knew that Brockman had these kind of hops. I have spent quite a bit of time pausing and slo-mo’ing his rebounds this year with the assistance of the DVR. The boy was born with the get-up-juice.

    I did NOT know that he had this type of body control/creativity. Sure we only saw two creative dunks…rock the cradle and the between the legs, which as far as I know was first given the moniker “East Bay Funk” by Isiah Rider.

    I am really impressed.

    The dunk from just inside the freethrow line while not createive, was damn impressive. Sure, he’d only get a “40” in an NBA dunk contest, but for an undersized and box-shaped power forward….damn.

    More than anything, it was really nice to see the guys getting along and having fun. I didn’t get that sense from the last year’s team.

    • Yeah I agree about last year’s team. It was also nice to see that people get that the 4th rotation big in Nessie is not just some undersized white guy. He really is an incredible athlete by any standards. It’s just that the NBA’s standards are higher than any other in sport IMO.

      As far as the dunks themselves, I’m pretty speechless. I honestly though Donte was simply fucking around and nothing more. Still, Nessie’s dunk from the striped line as well as through the legs was incredible. What cracks me up is that nobody was surprised to see it.

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