Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 9, 2010

Kings romp Clippers 116-94

I’m not going to recap the game for you. You know the Clippers have quit. Apparently, everyone but Baron Davis. (Who simply won’t admit it publicly because, if for nothing else, who wants to admit it publicly when you don’t have to?) Also, of all the topics on Sam Amick’s real first day on the Fanhouse job, he pretty much wrote about the Clippers what he had about the Kings by the end of the last season. It’s amazing how many topics consistently stay the same, but the faces change.

So, if you want to read a recap, read TZ’s. Read Steve Perrin’s recap at Clips Nation. Read Kevin Arnovitz’s of Clipper Blog. Here is the Box Score. Here are the 4 Factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
LA Clippers 90.0 104.4 51.8% 11.0 17.5 13.3
Sacramento 128.9 56.5% 13.0 35.9 8.9

So I ask you: I had this to say about the Clipper game last night at ClipsNation:

I don’t mean to be discourteous to you all, but the Clippers really haven’t earned your support. What I find amazing is how much I like the roster otherwise despite all of the ills that truly ail this franchise. (I won’t rip on DTS again. You guys do that plenty and say it much better that I ever could.)

The only reason I half cared about the game last night was to see Tyreke Evans get his numbers. I’m glad I didn’t see much of the game last night, and I’m sorry you had to.

How do you feel about the Clippers? How do you feel about that particular situation down there?



  1. It’s an interesting thing about the Clips…on paper, they look like they could have a good team.

    On the floor; it’s another story entirely.Kinda reminds me of the Kings last year limping into the off-season…

    When will the trajectory improve for them?heck if I know. But I enjoyed seeing the Kings get the win & seeing Tyreke’s numbers continue on their upward trajectory…that’s what I found most gratifying about the exchange.

    The rest?Mostly forgettable.

    • Yeah i think the Clippers may not mind picking 7th in this draft and having a player like Wesley Johnson or Al Farouq Aminu be there for them to take. The one player, other than those 2 that I think they could use, is Evan Turner. But they likely won’t pick high enough to take him anyway.

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