Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 12, 2010

Kings get smacked by Rockets over the last 3 quarters by 22 points; lose 117-107

I’m pissed. I don’t even want to talk about that accomplishment. What’s the point? The organization, the players, and maybe even the coaching staff, punted away a victory to get Tyreke points. For 3 fucking quarters. Fuck that accomplishment. Accomplishments don’t mean shit if you have to spend 1 1/2 quarters to get 2 points.

I don’t discount the 20-5-5 as being anything less than special. But frankly? Wins matter. 20-5-5 is just something arbitrary that people use to hype Tyreke Evans as a special player. Special players get their stats AND win games. All-Stars get their numbers. Superstars get their numbers AND victories. So which is it? That bullshit countdown (which I expected) got to the point where it was irritating. Tyreke knew it. The fans knew it. The team and everyone else knew it. Yet, the Kings ran play after play for Tyreke who kept missing inside. (Ariza’s length clearly bothered him after the half.) The Rockets wisely collapsed on him.

I’m not sure which I’m more of at this point: Pissed off that so much attention came for a totally arbitrary stat over a loss OR frustrated that this organization spent too much time hoping for something that really means very little. Tyreke will get his points. That’s why I’m so frustrated. Tyreke could have gotten 24 points by simply playing the game. Playing to WIN the game.

Needless to say, there are other things to be said.

* JT rebounded the ball well. It was nice to see even though the guy who lined up against him (Chuck Hayes) is far more limited than JT ever will be. Hayes is lucky Houston has a need for him.

* Beno shot really well early, and that opened up a lot of shots for Tyreke in the 1st qtr. Why Beno only had 11 shots is beyond me.

* Way too many jump shots. Not enough balance or working the ball inside out after the 1st qtr ended.

* I’m usually pretty forgiving of Carl “Top Hat” Landry, but that 3 was atrocious.

* Kevin Martin in his return to Arco had 39 points, 11-20 floor, 1-6 from 3, and 16-16 line. 26 of those points came in the 1st half. Kevin did to the Kings tonight what he had been doing to many others in previous years. As I’ve said before, I wish Sir SpeedRacer well. He clearly fits in well with Houston’s offense though, dontcha think?

* Trevor Ariza got hot from 3 in the 2nd half, and when that happened the Kings just didn’t have enough firepower. One reason I’ve pushed for Favors, other than I like his defensive abilities, is that he would give the Kings a more physical presence inside offensively. Next year may not be the best showcase for that, but most young big men will take some time to develop (even the great ones). No physical presence inside cost the Kings a great deal defensively and in the rebounding departments tonight.

* Andres Nocioni was a product of the excellent ball movement in the 1st half. He was 5-9 for 15 points and had 5 boards. But, like everyone else, didn’t really factor in the 2nd half. Very puzzling really.

* Omri Casspi is looking to break out of his slump that pretty much was the middle portion of the season. He only took 4 shots (hit 2 of them), but dished out 3 assists. 1 rebound though. Really was a strange night in many ways.

* Donte Greene had some good moments (more good than bad) tonight. Scoring 16 points, getting 4 boards (I like that especially), and shooting 6-11 from the field are all good things. Now the next step is simple consistency.

* For all my bitching about the ceremonial stuff around Tyreke and the 20-5-5, it is a truly special accomplishment when only a handful of players have narrowly missed (like Grant Hill) and only 3 have accomplished what Tyreke has done (Oscar, Michael & LeBron). Even though I’m upset about the loss because I felt the Kings should have focused on the game more and the accomplishment less, I hope that the team and what not learns the lesson. Accomplishments only matter when coupled with victories.

Having said that, big up’s goes to the Kid for the accomplishment of making this season matter. Even though tomorrow is the last game (I don’t expect much out of tomorrow because of Kobe Bryant being out and the Lakers likely not playing Gasol or Artest heavy minutes), the accomplishment of this season for Tyreke Evans and this Kings team is something that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s very good Tyreke doesn’t have to do this tomorrow at Staples as opposed to the fans who got to share in Reke’s moment. So, even though I’m pissed off about the loss (and would have gladly traded the moment for a victory), there is silver linings after all.

I don’t discount the weight, gravity or history of Tyreke’s moment. I just think that losing winnable games in the name of getting a record is not really wise on anyone’s part. (In fairness, I think the other players and Tyreke simply missing shots was to blame as much as anything on this loss.)

Tomorrow is another day (even if tomorrow’s game is pointless). There is the lottery, a new draft pick, trade/FA out there to be had. This story is only beginning.

I just wish that tonight hadn’t ended with a loss.

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
Houston 98.0 119.4 56.6% 27.7 17.1 12.2
Sacramento 109.2 51.2% 23.5 19.4 13.3


  1. I didn’t mind watching Tyreke get points 1-22. Those were fun. The forced-march that was points 23-24? I didn’t enjoy that as much.

    For all that has been made of this accomplishment, and I do think that it is quite impressive, I still have two bones to pick with the way it was handled.

    One: Don’t call it “Making History,” when it has already been done 3 other times, and all three times it was done with even better statistics. That, at best, is repeating history.

    Second, this dude pretty much already saw it coming:

    I don’t really know who Jon Nichols is, but after the draft in June, I’ll be looking for his projected numbers on whomever we draft. This guy was pretty much right on across the board.

    I remember finding his site in the sumer long before the season started and thought they were a bit optimistic. In fact, he shorted Reke a point.

    • One thing about Nichol’s projections Quick: Those were career projections and not rookie projections. I like Jon Nichols, but I’m not sure I’d trust his career projections until about 10 years down the road.

      And, if you feel confused by that, I did too. I thought those were rookie projections and not career projections. But, Nichols has said he thought those were career projections.

      He’s also leaving Quick as he got a job that forced him to give up the work he was doing on the site (unfortunately for us).

      Also, look at what he did for Omri Casspi here:

      Also, here is the list for all the players he did last season:

      Either way, Nichols was one of the few people who thought Evans could have a quality career and he does deserve credit for that.


      As far as making history, I agree there Quick. It was a special accomplishment, but no history was made. So let’s knock that stupid crap off and stop it now. I’m glad it’s over (and the season) truthfully. I was tired of hearing it every game.

  2. I’ve been meaning to get back to you on this for days. I‘ve actually made several attempts to come up with some very clever and succinct way of apologizing for attempting to inform you, only to get schooled up and what it means to actually be informed. So there you have the succinct without the clever.
    Thanks for the insight to what Nichols actually is doing with his projections.

    • ….And after looking at several other players projected career stats, I was not too impressed with this guy’s assessments. I may still look at his projections of whatever player we happen to draft in June, but knowing what I know now, his opinion will not carry much weight.

      • Well he won’t be doing it anyway Quick. So not to worry. I actually am impressed he came close to projecting half a rookie class. Rookie’s are really hard to project coming into the NBA.

    • Not to worry on the apology front. We all make mistakes at one time or the other. Me especially. You’ll find that out the longer you read me. I always find the key is to recognize why you’re making a mistake, and how you can keep yourself from repeating said mistake.

      Personally, I appreciate you found Nichols projections and was willing to look at them from an honest perspective. I’ve seen much worse attempts at fandom.

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