Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 15, 2010

Tasty Linkage

* TZ has a point that Ailene Voisin does have a weird fetish towards her descriptions of men. Personally, I prefer to ignore that level of thought as I have enough scary moments as is.

* GSoM argues that Steph Curry should be ROTY. Read the StR reaction here.

* Tyreke says farewell to the Kings fans at Full Court Press.

* Bleacher Report has the NBA playoff schedule.

* If you think that the Curry/Evans debate is tiring, try being a Clippers fan with regards to Blake Griffin. Another Sam Amick specialty at Fanhouse.

* This is a H/T to Kyle B of StR, but apparently there is one journalist in Israel who thinks that Omri Casspi’s play dropoff in the new year has something to do with Paul Westphal and the Kings organization hyping Tyreke Evans. (Just read it. Shake your head. Then walk away.)

* In case you’re wondering, SB Nation had a vote of ROTY and Tyreke won hands down. Hoopshype has their voting for it up, and Tyreke has won. ESPN had a similar tally a few days ago. Drew Packham of also had Reke as #1 for his “entire” rookie season. (Side note: Isn’t that Rookie of the Year for? The ENTIRE season?

So shut the fuck up about ROTY already, please?

* Speaking of Curry, some questions remain about whether Curry & Monta Ellis can co-exist. (I’m glad the Kings aren’t going along with this line of reasoning. I love Kevin Martin, but I wish him well in Houston.)

Okay, that’s it for now.


  1. Monta and Ellis have enough trouble co-existing. When you throw in another, possibly better, shooter….only in Nellie’s “system.”

    • Nellies system is what it is. I think what really held Curry back was the slow start to the season for the team, and how the Dubs handled him. He would have had better numbers as it is.

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