Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 17, 2010

Tasty Linkage

* Jason Jones has a Q&A with Geoff Petrie. H/T to those from StR who had questions that Jones used.

* Tyreke Evans is going to represent the Kings at the lottery. Yay! TZ has a nice history of who represented the previous #1 pick winners.

* Jason Jones has his grades of the season up. Jones gives the overall season a “C”.

* Amidst all the hoopla yesterday I missed linking this, but Voisin wrote in a latenight entry at the Bee Blog that Tom Abatemarco was left out in the cold in Colorado.

* Could Andray Blatche be a late bloomer in the Most Improved Race?

* Speaking of Orlando, and my impending bandwagon fandom, Ben Q Rock of OPP had a post yesterday about why Rashard Lewis has struggled against the Charlotte Bobcats. It’s probably important that the Magic solve that given that they are playing the Bobcats in the 1st round of the playoffs. Ben also talks about VC today too. (Shocking as that may be.)

* Queen City Hoops and Magic Basketball dot Net exchanged Q&A’s.

* An ongoing story in Pacers land is the news regarding their lease. (For those who talk about having a newish arena is all good news. It’s not.) Also 1 Pacers fan on losing 50 games.

* I linked to this DeMarcus Cousins vs Derrick Favors post in my salary cap post, but here it is again for those that didn’t hit on it. A different member of Hoopus talks about available big men and lists JT. Like I wrote there, there is little reason for the Kings & Wolves to partner up in a trade involving JT unless it involved Kevin Love. And, why would the Wolves do that?

Just an aside on Canis Hoopus: One of the best basketball communities out there. Rarely is time wasted (or ever) by clicking on there and seeing what’s new. As you can tell in my links, I often link to stuff from there at one point or another.

* Nets Daily talks about the delay of Mikhail Prokhorov purchasing the Nets and having it finally become completed.

* Oh, and last but not least, Wyn of Hoopus put up a handy order for draft picks. Draft Express also has updated their mock to show the Kings in 3rd place. (They had the Kings in 6th place for awhile.) And yes, they have the Kings taking DeMarcus Cousins.

UPDATE: Some thoughts on Chris Bosh from Raps Republic and from Michael Grange of the Toronto Globe & Mail.



  1. Thanx for the links, pookey…I’ll check them out when I have some spare time this week, gotta gig at UOP tonight; looks like some good stuff up there!

    • Just quick stuff to peruse Rhondda.

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