Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 27, 2010

Ailene Voisin is…..Larry Brown nutty.

Hopefully I don’t waste too many words on this. As some Kings fans wait for the Rookie of the Year announcement (I just want the announcement to come so I can never think about this again), we get another entry in Ailene Voisin’s slobbering over Larry Brown.

In other words, for all of his well-documented idiosyncracies and the serial drama, I’ll take two or three years of Brown’s brilliant teaching and coaching over the concept of hiring young, unproven coaches who, as the Kings can attest from experience, don’t last anyway. Consider the recent lineup: Eric Musselman, Reggie Theus, Kenny Natt. Who’d ya rather? No slam against the young guys, but come on. Think of it as an intense, three-year fling. Brown is the best teacher and game strategist in the league. There also is something to be said for the fact that under Larry, players either develop or he badgers management into getting rid of them — not necessarily a bad thing. It would have been fascinating to watch his handling of Spencer Hawes, Jason Thompson, Donte Greene, Omri Casspi and Tyreke Evans, of whom he is a huge, huge fan. (That Philly connection, folks). Brown is notoriously is brutal on point guards, but Chauncey Billups emerged as a star under his demanding tutelage ….

Let’s see here. Brown makes his teams better right? Right? That’s the premise Voisin has here. If that’s the case, do the Kings still get Jason Thompson? And if Larry Brown could have gotten 50 wins out of the 2007-08 team, I have a monkey on a bridge in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

And if Larry Brown is so brilliant in getting this team to improve, does this Kings team still have Tyreke Evans? Evans went 4th overall. If Brown makes this team better, do they get to pick Evans? Me thinks not.

A couple of years ago, this is what I had to say about Larry Brown. Given that Artest was still on the team for another season after that piece was written, this should give you an idea of how much the thought of Larry Brown is extremely unappealing. (Also, read Code Brown! Code Brown! I repeat Code Brown!. This happens to be my favorite title of anything TZ has written at StR.) Even with being the best teacher and coach in the NBA.

Oh, and with regards to the “Larry Brown made Chauncey Billups a star” note that Voisin sends along. Look at Billups stats and tell me what Larry Brown made Chauncey Billups do so differently?

Have I mentioned how much I don’t ever want to see Larry Brown patrol the Kings sideline?



  1. I think it’s kind of strange Billups took so long to develope to the PG he is today despite being a lottery pick.If he was some 2nd round guy and just got better quietly as his career went on I don’t think it would of been that big of a deal but Billups was pretty much considered a bust until his days under Larry Brown.Do I think it was all Larry Brown? probally not but do I think he had something to do with it? Sure.Billups still played well after Larry Brown left though and than had a very good season his first year in Denver so I guess you only credit Larry Brown for kickstarting his confidence by giving him minutes.

    Chauncy Billups was the 3rd overall pick! So how can you give the credit to Larry Brown like he developed some 2nd round player or something? The talent was already there it just took Billups time.The only thing that I can come up with is Billups came into the league at a tough time with a shitty franchise and the lockout season happened right when he started to get more playing time than it went downhill the next few seasons for him so I kind of think he just had bad luck his first seasons in the league.I would make a better judgement if I saw him play more when he first came into the league or in college.

    I’ll have to say no to Larry Brown and I don’t think he’s really interested now anyway according to his own words.PW did a decent enough job his first season where this shouldn’t even be talked about so just give him a few more years and see what happens.Unless your just talking about hiring Larry Brown one of the times after Adelman got fired than you could of considered that but I would still say no because he isn’t really a good coach to rebuild with, he has coached so many different teams he can’t commit to a franchise longer than 1 – 2 years now what good would his “teaching” do for that long and than leave? Iono

    • Billups is the only player in my memory, KF123, that I remember being labeled (legitimately or not) as a bust and then as a star in the NBA. His career may end up being the most strange of any quality player in NBA history. And that’s saying a lot right there.

      As far as PW vs LB? It’s no contest: Paul Westphal every time. I can’t stand, want no part of, or have any desire to deal with Larry Brown.

  2. After the coaching carousel of the previous seasons here in Sactown(since Adelman left)I’m gratified in the stability that Westphal has brought in.I see no reason to make a change at his point.

    But even if I did, I know that Larry brown wouldn’t want to come to Sac. I don’t think he even has the long-term interest to take the bobcats to a championship level much less the interest in rebuilding a franchise such as ours. So, as kingsfan123 states above, he’s not right for our franchise even if one was inclined to favor him.

    He’s also not someone I see Petrie being in ‘mind-meld’ synchronicity with either; 7&if I was inclined to hire a coach of the ‘hard-ass’ variety, I’d pick Bill Laimbeer, personally; but he’s not a good franchise fit for petrie either, so it seems the better choice has allready been made.

    All that being said, I don’t mind if Ailene ‘slobbers’ a bit in her writing; she’s a columnist; and as such is allowed to have ‘personal opinions’. It shouldn’t just be bloggers that have personal opinions; some of my fav newspaper writing comes from the oped variety.

    As for brown, he has the track record that’s perceived to be the legacy of a great coach; but he’s not my coach Wooden.

    I am curious, tho’ pookey, about what’s inspired the loathing towards brown…whassup with that?it sounds like he’s inspired emotions in you like I feel for the fakers, kinda curious….

    • Brown has no loyalty. I hate people like that.

      It’s not so much that I have a problem with Ailene’s slobbering either. I’m used to that in of itself. It’s just that she keeps bringing it up WHEN IT ISN’T IMPORTANT. Does everybody have those moments? Absolutely they do.

      Ailene Voisin is a decent enough columnist. She knows enough about the game, the players involved, the whole nines really, that if she avoided some of her more pet projects and what not it would be enjoyable to read her. She didn’t “need” to write a blog entry about Larry Brown.

      The fact is that she contradicted herself to begin with. She acts like the Kings would have all the same players if they had Larry Brown. Anyone who has followed his career that Larry forces whatever franchises he goes to to turn over the roster. Geoff Petrie doesn’t make change for changes sake type of moves.

      It would have been Geoff Petrie or Larry Brown. No way in hell on God’s green earth would have I ever chosen Brown in that type of scenario.

  3. Well…you’re right about the loyalty aspect…that’s why my dad calls L.B. a ‘whore’, he’s pretty uncompromising that way…

    i was just looking at him from the winning-record perspective, but I surely get your point.

    What makes me think he’d never fit in here is specifically the not getting along with Petrie. as long as petrie is G.M., I would want the coaching staff to be on the same page.

    as for Ailene….yeah…she didn’t need to write about brown, but I think she has….I dunno, perhaps a fascination with him that she needed to get outta her system…maybe like the Rubio issue(which I have some sympathy for…i liked rubio too); but hey, sometimes we’re just wrong.

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