Posted by: Kingsguru21 | April 29, 2010

Tyreke Evans is now the “official” Rookie of the Year.

Here is the official announcement. It appears I was off by my 70% 1st place vote prediction by about 15%.

I’ll update this post if I hear or (more likely) read something pertinent.

UPDATE 1: Sam Amick live chat at the Bee Blog is going on now.

UPDATE 2: AP recap of Reke’s ROTY is up. This funny quote emerged about his mother and how many trophy’s she broken:

“She’s broken too many,” Evans said. “I probably have 400 trophies and about a hundred of them broke. I’d come downstairs and she’d try to glue them back together but it was too late. I didn’t care about it. But the main important trophies, we’re going to put them in a glass case for her.”

Apparently ESPN & SI didn’t follow the AP report. It says the same thing. (H/T to Quick in the comments for the SI recap.)

TZ at fanhouse did almost the same thing.

John Schumann of (not the same thing as the official NBA release) has a similar story to TZ wrote on Fanhouse.

Video of the presser itself as well via Sacbee and Fox40.

Andrew Nicholson has another writeup at Full Connect as well. H/T Zach Harper on Twitter. (Nicholson’s writeup is pretty comprehensive. Lots of good stuff there.)

Note: I’m not criticizing anybody’s writeups. It’s just that these types of announcements tend to bring a standard official writeup quality to them. Usually arguments are only had over back channels like the twitter war Tom Ziller had Jonathan Givony over ROTY. (Note: I disagree with Givony, but I do enjoy his work at Draft Express otherwise. Here is Tom Ziller’s response to all of this. Or some of them anyway.)

Some good pictures out there from the NBA and Lamont Peterson (Tyreke Evans’ trainer) over twitter:

Some other photos from Peterson’s twitter:

Isn't this the same suit Tyreke wore to draft day '09?

Alright this is it for now. Onto the important stuff for this off-season and what not. Again, congratulations to Tyreke Evans for winning Rookie of the Year award. Also, the Kings organization had a promotion that you get 17 free ticket passes if you buy 2 season tickets. (In case you hadn’t heard. I’m not sure when it ends. You’ll have to check to find out.


  1. Why do I feel like Tyreke has won this award three times already?

    • Good question Quick I have no idea. It’s been talked about ad nauseum. I don’t care about the people who want to banter on about it, but I’m a lil tired of it. It’s why I’ve spent some time talking about the draft.

      Having said that, I don’t blame that people want to celebrate it either.

  2. has the entire voting breakdown:

    • It’s also in the official press release I linked to. But thanks for the link anyway Quick.

      It’s also amusing, to me anyway, how every news service tends to regurgitate what the official press release says. I just wonder why so many people bother to do this. I think one reason is that it just might be easier.

      TZ at Fanhouse did something similar.

      • “It’s also in the official press release I linked to. But thanks for the link anyway Quick.”

        So it is. Still working on that whole “scroll down” thing.

        • Not to worry. Worrying is for suckers. Or, at least over something like this it is.

  3. well….it’s about time!seems like the waiting has gone on forever!

    & yes…that is the same suit. i used to work in a men’s store & i can tell.

    But all that said…I’m happy for the young man, & happy that King’s fans are happy…etc….

    but now, let’s get back to talk of the draft.

    Congrats Tyreke!

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