Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 2, 2010

Tasty Linkage 5/2

Just some quick links to read cuz I don’t have much (except one piece I’ve been trying to write for awhile) to talk about at the moment.

* At StR there has been a long & varied Michael Beasley discussion. Also the Europe equation is discussed by TZ as well. Read this Euroleague Final 4 discussion if you haven’t already, too.

* At Fanhouse, Shoals has Talking Points about the NBA Playoffs past, present & future. If that isn’t enough for you, there is also this wonderful piece about the NBA and the new announcement of the Arizona immigration law.

* Mike Prada also talks about Michael Beasley. He also has this wonderful piece about trade exceptions and how the Wizards were able to get them.

* Speaking of salary cap technicalities, Larry Coon has had a series of Cap Related stuff over at Hoopsworld. It’s worth checking out. I’ll just be putting up the archive so you can pick & choose what you wish to read from over there. Normally I’m not a big fan of Hoopsworld, but I’m a big fan of Coon’s work and he explains a lot of stuff over there. You’ll learn something no matter where your cap knowledge stands, I can guarantee that.

* Nets Daily has a look at the Nets and the overall view of the franchise.

* Bucksketball’s take on the end of the season for the Milwaukee Bucks. Here is Brew Hoop’s take. Here is also Peachtree Hoops take on the Hawks victory and Hoopinions take.

* Forgot to write this in the first edition, but Dave Berri (the author of Wins for Wages) weights in on the ROTY award. He basically says that via Win Shares per 48 minutes, Curry is narrowly more valuable. What’s interesting is that using this formula, Casspi is the 7th most valuable rookie. (Personally, I don’t take a lot of stock in Berri’s words.)

That’s all I got.


  1. I hope the King’s take a serious look at acquiring Beasley. The guy has too much talent for a team like the Kings NOT to consider.

    I am well aware of his history of problems, and if AFTER looking into the details of his behavioral issues, GP, Momma or PW decide he is too much of a risk, fine, let someone else take him. But passing on an opportunity to gain more talent than you give up, which has not been the Kings forte in recent trades, would be foolish IMO.

    With that being said, if this guy has any chance at corrupting Tyreke, then don’t go after him. But maybe Tyreke can have an impact on Beasley? Maybe Team Tyreke can adopt a son? Mario Elie and Cisco both seem to have demanded the attention of some of our younger guys already, may be they can make a difference? Maybe Be-Easy is a big ol’ soggy douche bag that shouldn’t come anywhere near our locker room?

    Just putting thoughts down here…

    • My thoughts are simple: Beasley isn’t efficiency offensively, isn’t that good defensively and really is not an out of this world rebounder.

      Color me unconvinced that Beasley is the answer. Do the Kings need more talent? Yes, of course, But there’s a limit to how you can improve the team.

      As far as your 2nd comment regarding the showcase and limited flip potential in the trade market, if Beasley doesn’t work out im Sac……how many teams do you think will be excited to trade for him at that point? Especially if he’s making 6 million in the 4th year of his deal (which he would be if the Kings picked up his option)? That’s going to be tough, if not impossible, to flip on the trade market Quick. That’s what I do know.

  2. Pookey,

    I just read through your comments over at STR concerning Beasley, so I understand that you don’t see Beasley as “the right type of risk” mainly, I think because he does not fit and is not efficient.

    Do you really think that, especially after showcasing him, that we couldn’t flip him to someone else for more value if he didn’t pan out here? That seems hard for me to believe.

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