Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 10, 2010

Kings announce first workout sessions

H/T to TZ for linking this at StR, Jason Jones of the Bee Blog noted that the Kings have brought in some players to work out before the Chicago pre-draft camp.

Notables include Ryan Thompson of Rider, Charles Garcia of Seattle U, and Jerome Randle of Cal-Berkeley.

In case you’re wondering, Ryan Thompson IS IN FACT Jason Thompson’s brother. Here is his DX profile recently submitted from Portsmouth.

Rigth now, if I had to guess, the Kings are looking at players to fill with their 33rd pick, or maybe grab multiple 2nd rounders and trade down. (This is less likely IMO. It’s fairly easy to find a player in the early 2nd round. This becomes less likely as the 2nd round stretches to the middle or late 2nd round.)

At any rate, Thompson had a good camp at Portsmouth (for college Seniors) and that’s important to the Kings. Jon Brockman graded well in Portsmouth, too, and that matters as well. The Kings generally consider Portsmouth a valuable way to guage competition. I don’t think the Kings are likely to take Ryan Thompson as I think they would rather invite him to summer league and training camp instead.


Right now, I think I would love for the Kings to pick up Dominique Jones, Terrico White, Armon Johnson, Eliot Williams or Avery Bradley.

I think the Kings are very likely to go big (DeMarcus Cousins or Derrick Favors) with their 1st round pick, and likely to pick a wing to get more depth at the PG/SG/SF positions with the 2nd round pick.

I think it’s fair to say that the game has just begun. Tally Ho!



  1. If Ryan and Charles are picked or are signed after the draft, we will have the only two Thompson’s in the NBA and the only Garcia’s. That’s reason enough for me, sign ’em up. Who needs Demarcus Favors anyway?

    • Not me. They’re just overrated chumps (those Derrick Cousins guys) anyway.

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