Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 11, 2010

And the Bee wonders why they have less relevance each passing day….

I hate to be a negative nancy here. I want, and need, the Bee to have more coverage than less. I don’t even mind, in the grand scheme of things, what Ailene Voisin wrote yesterday in the Bee blog.

The Bibby blog piece was fine.

But she posted something about Rajon Rondo that just drives me nuts:

In the Rondo-to-Boston trade, the Suns received Brian Grant and cash considerations for the Cavaliers’ first-round pick in 2007, plus cash considerations.

This is partly wrong. Brian Grant’s contract was SENT to Boston, not to Phoenix. He was on Phoenix at the time of the Rondo to Boston trade.

So, umm, if the Bee wants to gain credibility in big things, it might help if they have credibility in editing and making sure the details of small, and pretty unimportant to most Kings fans (or at least that’s the case with my dealing with the Kings fans I know), things going on, at least get them right.


At this point, because of the rather large snafu, I’m not going to point out that if the Kings had taken Rajon Rondo (as I’ve seen suggested by multiple people multiple times the past several years), it might not have worked out that well. Just one example: How would the Artest-Rondo dynamic worked out? Would Rondo thrown a conniption fit if Artest would have gone on one of his stupid shot binges?

People tend to forget that Rondo can’t shoot (anything outside of a layup is never a reasonable percentage with Rondo), is heavily turnover prone, plays with 3 hall of famers, and has a temper and intolerance for lesser players. (I know I hate Rondo. I’m not going to deny this. I don’t care what people think. Don’t like Rondo, and I’m not going to start today.)

He had this lil temper problem his first year in Boston. And, it’s hard to say Rondo was wrong about his teammates. (I’m hardly enamored of Al Jefferson either.) But had the Kings picked Rondo, it’s not necessarily something that would have worked out well for the Kings in the long run.

So, I’m sorry, but the Bee has become far less relevant. If this continues, and it might (I’m hoping not), fans will stop reading the Bee altogether to get news. Which is a shame, but when fans find out that the Bee isn’t the best source for information, they’ll stop heading there.

Here’s a solution to being irrelevant: Being relevant. The trick is knowing the difference.


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