Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 14, 2010

Kayte Christensen is no longer doing sideline reporting

Per Tom Ziller and the Kings, Kayte Christensen is no longer the sideline reporter for the Kings.

While I don’t think Kayte was a brilliant sideline reporter (mostly due to the situation and her inexperience), I don’t think letting her go makes sense.

Especially for, as TZ says, for Jim Gray.

If I’m being asked, I think this is a rather stupid move. Especially given that Gray is only working 20 games (likely the higher profile teams).

Hopefully Kayte will land on her feet soon, and well. She was a terrific basketball analyst and mind who had a role she was struggling to grasp and figure out. I think the Maloof’s made a mistake here, and only time shall tell.

I have nothing but Well Wishes Miss C.



  1. I was in Sacramento for Thanksgiving, with my wife. She saw Kayte walking near the bench and asked “who is that?” Yep, she even caught my wife’s attention.

    I thought she left a lot to be desired as a sideline reporter though. She didn’t seem to think quickly on her feet and would kinda fall into “robot mode” when delivering news. It was cool that she could look the players right in they eye though.

    Good luck, Kayte.

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