Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 18, 2010

Kings drafting 5th overall

I know a lot of people are angry, upset, or frustrated with the NBA draft process. So let me say some things that may help change your mind.

#1: It’s a lottery. This is how it works. Philadelphia had a bad year too. They could absolutely use a great player as well. It’s not their fault the Kings fans wanted a top 3 pick. Nothing is guaranteed.

#2: The Kings very likely will get one of these 3 following players: Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins or Al-Farouq Aminu. A lot can change between now & then.

#3: Order matters here. I don’t care what people really say about the draft: Order of teams matters as much here as anything else.

#4: It’s just a lottery. There is no guarantee that drafting John Wall would have made the Kings better, and there is always a possibility the Kings will get an impact player who makes the Kings better with that 5th pick.

#5: Even though it’s unlikely, I think it’s possible the Kings could trade up and get a player they want. I wouldn’t rule something out just because it hasn’t happened with the Geoff Petrie era.

Last but not least, congratulations to the Wizards and Sixers for moving up to select 1-2 in the draft. Their fanbases are quite thrilled right now, and no doubt should be. As a Kings fan, I’m happy the Kings have options to pick up a quality player who could improve the Kings as the team continues to rebuild and get better. This is a good day even if it feels like it’s not.

More to come later. Now it’s Magic-Celtics time. (And I’m rooting for the Magic to win.)

Tunage to cheer you up:



  1. Positive Brain says: At least Cousins or Aminu are likely to be available, and I like those two guys.

    Negavtive Brain says: Greg Monroe will look even softer in purple than he did in grey.

    • We agree on Monroe: I don’t want him either.

  2. I forgot Petrie Brain.

    Petrie Brain says: Wes Johnson is a shooter.

    • Read my next piece. I think Petrie brain may go for more raw physical talent at the 5th pick and go for skills with the 33rd pick.

      If the Kings got Al Farouq Aminu and Jerome Randle, I’ll be pretty tickled pink with that draw.

  3. So, this was posted over at STR by “getPGwithbounce”. In it Jay Bilas, who says that he has spent time working with Cousins, said that he would not spend a pick on Cousins unless he could get him in the LATE first round. The concern, again, is maturity and its effect on the culture.

    The Cousins coversation comes around the 19 mintue mark.

    • Yeah it’s interesting. It’s worth listening to if you haven’t heard it for those interested.

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