Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 18, 2010

Why not drafting 1-4 will be okay (Lottery Day thread)

Let me make this clear. I think the Kings will get a talented player at 1-6 regardless of which spot they can end up. And since John Wall/Evan Turner have been covered everywhere else, and I’ve covered Favors/Cousins here, let’s do Al-Farouq Aminu and Epke Udoh.

Here is all the DX stuff on Aminu. Recently Aminu did a workout in LA, and is working on shooting and improving as a player. (I don’t know where Udoh is working out.)

Aminu is a combo F in the pure sense in that he’s big and tall enough (more importantly long enough) to play the PF, but can also play the SF too. I like Aminu, and have him on my personal preference list of 2nd over Wall, Turner and Cousins.

Aminu is athletic (Rudy Gayish athletic), an excellent defensive rebounder, and an excellent defender. Aminu also ranks high in Offensive Rebounding.

The worst parts for Aminu is that he isn’t efficient offensively (which is a problem) and that it may take him awhile to figure out (along with a coaching staff) what kind of players and plays he does well with. There is some curve for Aminu to figure out I would suspect.

The thing about Aminu I like is that you can pair Aminu and Donte Greene together as your F’s and you figure it out from there. You push the ball, you can play defense with both, and whichever guy matches up better with whatever player takes him defensively. Screw position; let’s just play player on player and see what does what.

(People always complain that I take too long to say stuff, but that’s it.)

Onto Udoh. I like Epke Udoh cuz he’s likely to measure at a legit 6’9 or 6’10, and with good length. (Unlike Blake Griffin.) He’s a shot blocker (or is at the NCAA level) and has some legit inside/outside offensive ability. He’s also a good defender down low and will help the Kings there as well.

The downsides to Udoh could be his rebounding (although some will probably feel that’s due to the zone Baylor played), and his efficiency. As I’ve noted, the Kings lack efficiency as a team and getting players who can make the most of their shots regardless of the volume would help the team a good deal. (One reason I’ve pushed Favors so hard.) But is Udoh inefficient because he played on a team that forced him to jack up shots? Or is he inefficient because he just doesn’t make enough of his shots to be considered that?


This is the problem when you get farther down the draft. You get players with more issue’s as players moving forward.

Either way the point of this is that even though most people have heard of the bigger names (Wall & Turner), there are other players in this draft who can really help the Kings next year and beyond. I would not be surprised if Udoh ended up jumping to 6 or 7 (I’d be shocked if he fell below 10), and it would not be surprising to see Udoh jump to 5 I think. It would be shocking Aminu fell out of the top 7. I think he is safely in the top 5-7 picks at this point.

The Draft Lottery proceedings start at 5pm PST. Feel Free to leave your conspiracy theories, hatred, and other idea’s here as you see fit.

Good luck Kings?!?!?!?!?!?!

UPDATE: If you haven’t read the Free Darko dino draft, please do so. Awesomeness will ensue.



  1. My draft board:

    1. Wall
    2. Cousins
    3. Favors
    4. Turner
    5. Aminu
    6. Johnson

  2. …and I actually like Brackins in the 2nd round.

    • Not entirely unreasonable. I prefer Dominique Jones or Terrico White (somebody like that) who can help the backcourt. The Kings so badly need frontcourt help I don’t mind reaching (to outsiders) for a Favors/Cousins over Wall/Turner in the 1st round.

      To me the need for game changing help up front is something you can’t overlook even if Turner/Wall is considered the best players today.

  3. Yeah, that is why I put the bigs ahead of Turner…but I figure that Wall can bring a big that is at least on par with Cousins/Favors via trade. Not sure you can say the same about Turner.

    I also have the feeling that GP is going to like Johnson more that most of us do, and more than the pundits have.

    • I don’t know. I still think he’ll like Aminu more than Johnson. What Johnson does the Kings already have. There is enough depth in this draft that I think the Kings will be able to pluck out a player or two.

      But I don’t doubt your belief that Johnson will be in play at 5 or 6.

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