Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 21, 2010

Could the Kings move up to #2 by acquiring Elton Brand?

Chad Ford has a piece today in TrueHoop that hints at such a possibility. Andres Nocioni, Jason Thompson, the #5 pick for Elton Brand and the #2 pick.

From a salary cap perspective, it’d be likely that it would be done at 2 different times. The picks would be swapped during the draft, and everyone else would be swapped once July came around. It also would save the Sixers from paying luxury tax this season.

Why Philly does it? To take Brand off their books for the next 3 seasons, to get 2 young players (the pick & JT), and get a shorter contract they can perhaps use to deal Igoudala or Dalember in Nocioni. It gives the Sixers more flexibility, and they’re likely to not get a better possibility to dump Brand.

The questions, though, abound from there.

1) Would Philly do that? (Good question. Ford doesn’t say that Philly is going to deal the pick.)
2) Would Sac consider this? (Good question. Again, it depends on why Sac is moving up. If it’s for any player at this point, it most likely would be Derrick Favors who has a much higher draft stock than DeMarcus Cousins does. If the Kings are high on Cousins, and have similar feelings towards Favors, it’s more likely they stay pat. There is little reason for any team in the top 5 except Minnesota, who has the 4th pick, to even pick Cousins.)
3) Would the Maloof’s overrule this due to the money coming back? (This might be the key. Geoff Petrie might be willing to trade up, but the Maloof’s may not agree to eating Brand’s contract. It runs for the next 3 years and 51 million.)

You can bet that if the Kings move up it’s for 1 player: Derrick Favors.

It’s not my bias that says that either. As much as Evan Turner brings as a prospect a this point, because Turner is not an above the rim player (something Ailene Voisin has talked about the Kings needing–and it’s not just her who is talking about that) I don’t see the Kings wanting him much to the point they eat Brand’s contract in the process. Also, I don’t see the fit between Turner & Evans working out well at this point.

But for Favors? If he’s the young big that Geoff Petrie is high on, than it’s easy to imagine he would be willing to trade up. Young talent laden bigs do not grow on tree’s, and if the cost is Brand/JT and the 5th pic (not to mention taking Noc out of the equation), I think GP considers that for a long time.

One possibility here is that Philly likes Al Farouq Aminu or Wesley Johnson, but doesn’t want to take either guy that high. So you trade down, come up with a good player at 5, dump some of the long term effect of Brand off the cap, and get a player at 5 that you shouldn’t have taken at 2. Even if that means Nocioni and Thompson, that’s better than Brand and the 2 pick possibly. If Philly thinks that there isn’t much difference between Favors/Turner and Aminu/Johnson/Cousins and the like, than I suspect they may be willing to trade down as long as Brand’s contract is in the question.

Whatever the possibilities are, and right now I’m thinking the Kings are not going to make any final decisions about any player until getting all the information possible (this is simply standard fare), I won’t believe any trade is imminent until it’s confirmed by someone like Jason Jones, Sam Amick etc etc etc. At this point, rumors are just likely to be teams posturing throughout the draft process.

Welcome to rumor mill Xmas!



  1. My first response was heck no. If on the other hand Favors could make that much difference it might be worth it.

    I’ve been working on my Aminu love with a Cousins chaser. While Brand is clearly not the player he was, an argument can be made that Brand needed last season to recover from his Achilles tendon injury and that he could be the solid if unspectacular vet the Kings need. Not sure I’m willing to buy that argument but just saying…….

    No doubt you will cover this but I’m interested in your thoughts on Al Farouq Aminu. If the Kings don’t move up or down he is a likely possibility for the Kings at 5. This is the time of year I wish I had watched more college ball but of course then I would have had to have watched more college ball.

    • I’d also point out that this is about how good Geoff Petrie might think Favors is. If you think Favors is the guy you anchor your front line around, then you do this. If not, you hang back, take Aminu or whomever at 5 and move on.

      It’s a heck of a gamble Geoff Petrie would take if he turned down an opportunity to take Favors. It’s also a heck of a gamble by trading up. It’s one of those “Damned if you do–damned worse if you don’t” type deals with fans.

      I am in the process of talking about Aminu specifically in depth.

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