Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 21, 2010

Draft Measurements are here

Without looking at anyone else’s thoughts, here are mine. The measurements through DX are here.

* DeMarcus Cousins is a little shorter than I thought he would have measured out to be. All in all, it’s not a surprise.

* John Wall is a bit longer than I would have thought. And he’s very tall too. That certainly will make him very dangerous guarding players when he feels like it. (I know: This is the no shit sherlock portion of this.)

* Al-Farouq Aminu measured out where I expected. (Which said freak.) Also Cole Aldrich as well.

* Ekpe Udoh was a little bit shorter but a bit longer than I expected too. I hope the length adds something to his game when & where it can.

* Ed Davis is a big loser in the measurements. (Assuming teams care which they may not.) He’s a decent height but isn’t particularly long.

* Daniel Orton lack of height may not matter given his lengthish wingspan. (6’8 3/4 without shoes 7’4 1/4 wingspan.)

* If you’re a Dexter Pittman fan, you’re going to love his height/wingspan measurements: 6’9 1/2 height and 7’6 wingspan. Yowzah!

* Hassan Whiteside measured out about a bit shorter than I expected but as long as expected.

* Eric Bledsoe has a nice wingspan as well. He’s not very tall, but he’s so athletic and gifted that he’ll be able to make up for it. Avery Bradley measured out well too.

* Jerome Randle measured out the same way he did at Portsmouth. (Or maybe DX just simply used those measurements.)

Note: Any European player like Donatas Motiejunas or Kevin Seraphin is not likely to be measured until they get to the Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso in early June.

I think that’s all there is for me to say. Yippee Skippee! It’s draft measurement time, baaabbbbyyyy!



  1. Just some observation from watching the combine on nbatv:

    Al Farouq Aminu:

    Dude’s arms go forever. I’m pretty sure I just watched him tie his shoes without bending over.

    This is the first time I have seen him in just the tank-top without the t-shirt underneath. I know that you play basketball more with your legs and core, but he does not have PF arms at this point. His arms are thin and smooth. In his defense it just looks like he hasn’t been in the weight room yet.

    Wesley Johnson:

    I just watched him “compete” in the vertical jump. The results are not in, but regardless of what his results are, he gets up there very easily and quickly. Being able to get up that quickly without “loading up” means that he should be able to get that jump shot off with defender’s on him and/or closing out on him.

    He also looked like an old man in the sprint. This was curious. The announcers speculated that he was not warmed up

  2. TV interview update:

    AFA: Would be middle fo the pack if he were interviewing for a McDonald’s entry level position.

    Johnson: Charmer. Good eye contact. Certainly could be a shift manager at the Gap.

    • Wesley Johnson gets interviewing I think. Also, he likes the spotlight. Hardly a bad thing in a NBA player.

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