Posted by: Kingsguru21 | May 21, 2010

Limited appeal players and/or players I’d rather not acquire…..

Obviously, like anything else, this is based on a limited opinions. Here are my sleepers in case you haven’t read it.

#1 Avery Bradley

Lotta people like Bradley, and with good reason. Jay Bilas talked positively of Bradley’s talent, but not positively of his decision to turn pro. My question: Can Bradley carve out a niche on a young team like the Kings? It’s a scary thought that he could get PT just because he has upside. If a guy isn’t contributing on the court, than what good is he for you really?

#2 Ed Davis

I don’t wish to discount Davis here because I think he has a chance to develop if he’s healthy. But, Davis ws on a team that didn’t always compete well and that matters to me a little. If you aren’t helping your team win games when you’re a featured player (like Al-Farouq Aminu did at Wake Forest), than what are you really doing as a player? Great players like Tim Duncan carried Wake Forest to ridiculous heights given the talent level of the program when Duncan played there.

#3 Cole Aldrich

It’s not so much that Aldrich is terrible to me. He just seems like the white version of Kendrick Perkins. Plays hard, has a lot of defensive ability, can rebound and block shots, and that’s pretty much what you’re getting with Aldrich. I’m not sure I’d want to use a top 10 pick on Aldrich because I just don’t see much chance of him developing his offensive game.

#4 Daniel Orton

Something tells me that Orton made a decision about coming out as a financial decision. But for a guy who averaged 3 pts & 3 reb’s, that’s not something I’m excited about. Regardless of how Orton measures out (and it’s looking he will not be something special here), than I wonder how effective you can expect Orton to be when he didn’t play much while at Kentucky?

#5 Hassan Whiteside

I do not want Whiteside for a lot of reasons. He’s old for a freshman (21), has had academic problems (it’s why he’s old for a freshman), and is not a particularly strong defender/rebounder. He does block shots, and has got a long wingspan. Other than that, and his jump shot, what is Whiteside really doing for the Kings? Does that make the Kings better?

Of this list, Bradley and Aldrich scare me least. They both have the ability to be in the NBA for awhile, and Aldrich very likely can stick if he picks up the game and produces quickly. The other 3, though, absolutely scare me. Right now I see Davis, Orton and Whiteside as very pointless picks simply because I see all 3 guys contributing little overall on both ends of the floor for at least the next couple of season’s. Those guys may have more “talent” to potentially reach, but if you aren’t getting on the floor early on your career what are the odds that you’ll put it together later in your career?

So this is my list of guys I’d avoid like the plague and then some. What say you?



  1. Greg Monroe:

    He scares me becuase I feel like we have seen him so many times before. Last year he came in teh form of Earl Clark and Jordan Hill. The years previous he was a bunch of guys whose names I can’t remember and maybe Hawes, which is kind of the point.

    The scariest thing about him is that I can see Petrie being interested in his skill-set, and thus picking him.

    Whiteside/Udoh: The “project” center is a scary thing. I was always embarassed for the Sonics when they were seleciting unproven bigs early (Sene, Swift) and they were not working out. That must suck. Whiteside and Udoh bring back memories of those Sonics picks.

    I like what I have seen and read about Bradley. My argument would be the with so many people ahead of him in the rotation, he would be allowed to come in and just play D and take his jumper when it is available. I feel that his contributions may be better when his role is limited. Not every good player is meant to carrry his team to the finals, or final four. I would not pick him at #5. Just saying.

    • It goes without saying I’m not enticed by Monroe Quick.

  2. Admit it. You love Monroe. You seem him as the new Chris Webber.

    • Nah don’t want Monroe. Really would much rather have Aminu or Aldrich really. I’m not fond of a guy whose main attribute is passing. The Kings already have Hawes: What does Monroe bring to the table that Hawes can’t?

      Right now my wish list is: Favors 1 Aminu 2 and Player to be named later 3

      • Player to be named later? Do you have a super duper sleeper for us? Are you on the horn with Jerry?

        • I guess it might be Kevin Seraphin or Stanley Robinson. Both greatly intrigue me at this point.

          But really Quick, I’m not sure if it’s somebody you haven’t heard of. Paul George is definitely rising up mock draft’s right now. But fast risers doesn’t necessarily mean much down the road. Some guys rise cuz they’re that good and some rise cuz they have great physical tools and then never figure it out at the NBA level.

          Exhibit A of the toolset but never figured it out at the NBA level is Joe Alexander. I’m still amazed that John Hammond didn’t pick up his 3rd year option.

  3. I don’t know a lot about Robinson (athlete, quit at one point), and even less about Seraphin (big Fenchie if memory serves). I would find a write up on either one very helpful.

    This happens to me every year. A guy that I was otherwise unimpressed by grabs my attention and makes me think he is better than he is. Hassan Whiteside became this guy yesterday.

    He grabs 9 rebounds per game while playing 26 minutes a game. That is actually pretty good. The 5.4 blocks are obviously inflated, but even when taking that into consideration, 5.4 is a shit-ton of blocks, there is obviously talent there as not every 7 footer averages that many. I see his jumper as a huge upside. First, it means that he will not be camped in the lane, where Tyreke likes to work, and where Landry will hopefully be doing more of his work next year. Second, it gives Petrie one more reason to pick him and he can use that tool before he puts on the weight that he NEEDS to.

    I’m not trying to sway anybody here. Hell, maybe this is a cry for help. I went crazy this time last year. I admit that Rubio’s highlights got to me. I know I wasn’t the only one.

    • If you click on the links of the player names Quick, you’ll find links to the DX writeups of each guy.

      I don’t know if I’m swayed by the blocks of Whiteside. For one thing, he’s not very good defensively on the block. That matters more to me than the number of blocks Whiteside has.

      I know Whiteside can shoot a jumper. Hassan Whiteside, if you’re looking for a player comparison, reminds me somewhat of Shawn Bradley. There’s some interesting parallels there too.

      As far as Rubio last year, a lot of people were swayed by the highlights. But there were also clear flaws in his game. The only reason I changed my mind the day after the draft (I hated the pick of Tyreke on draft day as many know) was that I knew the Kings saw Tyreke as a franchise level player. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have been miserable for a long time.

      Having said that, it isn’t always well known (more people think I was in the Rubio camp than I actually was), I wanted Brandon Jennings at draft time. I settled on Jonny Flynn or Rubio cuz I thought the Kings would end up taking one of them. All had noticeable flaws in their games, and until it was mentioned that the Kings though Tyreke could defend small G’s it seemed very much like a crapshoot.

      Not surprisingly, it turned out that way. Funny how things happen sometimes Quick.

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