Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 4, 2010

Reebok Eurocamp is starting tomorrow (With Updates)

Mostly this is a hodgepodge post of various things to note at this point. The Eurocamp, where players like Nicolas Batum, Serge Ibaka and many others have played previously, is currently going on. This is similar to the Combine in Chicago, only scrimmages/games will be played too. (Like the old US Combine.) It’s important in that players will get measured and do all the drills that European prospects go to. Most teams will have people in attendance to see how players do.

One such issue with the Eurocamp, as I noted last year with Brandon Jennings, is that sometimes teams place too much importance on it.

One note is that there are NBA personnel men who will be running some of the drills and are coaches.


Donatas Motiejunas is now out of the draft according to his agent Herb Rudoy. If I were Motiejunas, I’d go to the Eurocamp this year to showcase what I can do in a competitive setting. It’d be one way to get input. (There is no word as of now who the players are yet. I’ve seen a list that was sent out on a preliminary basis back on February, linked to by Givony, and it was not any names I really cared about. I only knew a few on the list to begin with which worried me more.)

Kevin Seraphin is still undecided on whether he will enter the draft according to his agent Bouna N’Diaye. (I’m of the opinion that it’s more likely Seraphin will pull out unless 2 or 3 teams tell him he’s a 1st round pick without working out. Seraphin has until June 14th to decide this.)

Again, as soon as I get an update on the rosters, I’ll post it here.

UPDATE: Somehow I missed this yesterday when posting this and I didn’t look at DX under Givony’s name. Call this a facepalm.

Givony mentions that the last few Eurocamp’s gave draft evaluators for NBA teams a chance to look at Jan Vesely (who pulled out a few weeks ago) and Motiejunas (a few days ago) already. So, even though I think playing at this camp could have helped Motiejunas a bit, I can understand why he didn’t go this time around.

Some of the names that stick out to me include Jeremy Tyler (who flamed out of Israel), and Edwin Jackson (A G in France who isn’t exactly high on most mock’s at the moment). Most names I’m unaware of, but then again I don’t run a draft database like Jonathan Givony either.

One player I’m interested to see in how he does is Miroslav Radoljuca (who is currently 33rd on DX’s mock which would have the Kings taking him).

Givony had this statement which rings very true to me:

Perhaps the EuroCamp’s greatest value lies in getting an early read on promising young players who are just on the verge of becoming important players at the professional level, something that holds true for both the NBA and European talent evaluators in attendance.

The other thing it’s valuable is that it gets the players who go to Treviso a chance to get measured and do agility drills. It’s valuable in that way.



  1. Pook – I think Montijunas just had his tonsils out so I’m doubting he’s going to show at the Eurocamp. Compared to years past there are hardly any names I recognize among the attendees.

    • Good point BJ. Sorry about the comment not going through right away. That’s never happened before.

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