Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 5, 2010

Draft Workouts 6/5 (and other things)

Today, the Kings worked out Jerome Jordan, Andy Rautins, Donald Sloan, Trever Booker and Marquis Gilstrap. Jason Jones offers his thoughts on Hobson.

Some youtube vid’s off Kingsflix for you:

Jerome Jordan:

Andy Rautins:

Right now, I think that a shooter and a guy who can run the offense may be the greatest value the Kings can get. I’ve said my piece on Jerome Randle in the past, and I’m sticking to it.

However, the real interesting workout session is Monday where Dominique Jones, Armon Johnson, Jamal Crawford and Sherron Collins are working out. That could be a battle for the 33rd pick right there.

On Tuesday, it gets better. Hassan Whiteside, Daniel Orton, Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Ryan Richards (who plays for Cran Granaria of the Spanish ACB and is British), and Ekpe Udoh are in a group workout. That could help decide the 5th pick as well.

Good times are ahead. The workouts have only yet begun. Hang on to your hat. Let the propaganda (aka bullshit) begin!

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