Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 7, 2010

Workout Notes from 6/7

Jason Jones has his thoughts here. Jordan Crawford is on youtube:

Ryan Wittman:

The players of interest (Armon Johnson who pulled out) and Dominique Jones are players I have the most interest in. I like Jordan Crawford, but my gut tells me he won’t be there for the Kings at 33.

Jones has a good piece up at the Bee blog if you haven’t read it. Rather than stealing his thunder by offering my comments (and there’s a few thoughts), I just suggest you read it. Like Jones, I think some of the sleeper feelings that the Kings have towards Whiteside or Orton could be quashed.

Jonathan Givony also tweeted today that Kevin Seraphin was in Treviso getting measured and that his knee looked fine. (Probably means that Seraphin will stay in the draft.)

Jeremy Tyler also measured out nearly identical to Seraphin. (Tyler is the San Diego kid that left High School a year early to play in Israel. Which, up to this point, hasn’t panned out. But, Tyler had 2 years to work out the kinks and some of his issue’s have been exposed. So that’s hardly a bad thing for NBA teams.)

Either way, that’s all now. (I think. More updates if I find stuff.)

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