Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 8, 2010

Workouts 6/8 plus Beno Udrih/Hedo Turkoglu thoughts

Aykis of StR was at the workout, and you can read his report here. Jason Jones has his report up as well. Kingsflix has no video’s up at the moment, but I’ll update this when video’s arrive. (Also, with any new Aykis material.)

However, at this point I’d like to touch on the Hedo Turkoglu rumor and Beno Udrih as well. The earlier Woj story that the Kings were interested in trading for Hedo by using Nocioni’s salary as the bait is now a “rumor”. Which means what? Nothing to me. Aykis already broke down the reasons not to do the deal earlier today, and I have nothing to add to that. Bryan at A Royal Pain does almost the same thing (but with less words). Other than saying, hell to the fuck no.

Jones dropped an important point about Beno Udrih: He had a sore heel all season long and played through it. My hope here is twofold: First, let’s cut Beno a little slack for playing through an injury. Two, Bringing in Avery Bradley or Wesley Johnson isn’t necessarily an upgrade unless the frontcourt’s problems go away.

I maybe the only one who thinks that drafting a PG who can set up & run offense is a priority, but that’s okay. I’m used to that. Just know that the Lakers don’t have that guy, and they do okay. What you need is players who need the ball and 5 players on the court who play effective offense and defense. Most teams are usually better on one end than the other, but all championship teams are 2 end teams. (It’s one reason I think the Lakers will win the Finals. Their offense is significantly better than the Celtics and over a 7 game series most teams strengths and weaknesses are magnified. Unless the C’s stay hot for the rest of the series, I still see the Lakers winning in 6.)

The point I’m making here is that among other things, what you need to have to win titles is an effective 5 man unit on 2 ends. It’s really no more difficult than that. The question is Tyreke Evans a franchise player? Is he good enough to win a title for you as your lead offensive guy? Can you win with most of your offense coming from the 1-2-3 spots? Or simply having your best players there and 2 role players up front?

Either way, the Beno Udrih news that he might not play in the World Qualifying games in September, unless his health is 100%, is good news. The Kings need a healthy Beno Udrih moving forward, and his health has always been one of his main knocks.

So, I guess, that’s it. I guess.

UPDATE: The Greg Monroe workout vid from 2 days ago is up.

UPDATE 2: Hassan Whiteside and Ryan Richards interviews:

UPDATE 3: The workout video of the various players is here.

UPDATE 4: The 1st part of Aykis’ video footage is up on youtube. It’s grainy, but worth watching.


  1. Boy, oh boy, Aldrich has all kinds of flaws to work out in his game. I can’t believe that a coach hasn’t worked out that jumper- the dude almost hits himself on the back of the head with it. Full on Jawan Howard style.

    • I just see Aldrich being a safe player to take. I can see him being a quality fit in GS cuz he doesn’t need shots offensively and can impact the game defensively.

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