Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 12, 2010

Notes from the Favors/Cousins “workout”

Jason Jones talks about the workout from what he “heard” and the interesting things were what were described. Favors was “athletic” (which we knew) and Cousins could “shoot”. Quite honestly, we already knew that. (Although I’m not sure some were aware that Cousins does have touch from the perimeter. Which makes his FT% bothersome. But whatever.)

The interesting thing about Jones column is this tidbit:

If Cousins and Favors are gone, the Kings instantly go into “Best Player Available” mode. Who that is anyone’s guess. Wake Forest forward Al-Farouq Aminu becomes a possibility. So does Syracuse swingman Wesley Johnson. And you could sort through any of the other big men the Kings have looked at (Georgetown’s Greg Monroe, Baylor’s Ekpe Udoh, Kansas’ Cole Aldrich, etc.). No other workouts are scheduled yet, but Aminu is someone the team wouldn’t mind looking at. He might be best suited to play small forward, but he was a proficient rebounder in college. Aminu has worked out for Golden State, which has the sixth pick in the first round.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about these scenarios and which I see working out best or what represents the highest risk and the like. The interesting part is that this draft isn’t just Favors/Cousins (although it’s a possibility the Kings could trade up & get Favors–which I’ll address at a later date) and that’s something fans have to recognize if they are going to get a handle on this draft. After 2009 where I knew alot about alot of players in that draft, it wasn’t surprising to see whom the best players were. These were my top 7 at the time of the draft that I thought would end up being the best player (or among the best players) in the draft: Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, and Brandon Jennings. I liked Jennings best, but as it turned out, I would have picked Tyreke Evans #1 if given the choice.

So keep in mind what you think you know today may not necessarily be what you think 3 weeks from now or whatever.

As always, I’ll look for updates on Kingsflix and add them here if they pop up. (I doubt they will but you never know.)

UPDATE: Apparently I forgot about Andrew Nicholson’s writeup at Full Court Press. My bad.


  1. I really hope that we come out of this draft with a big man. While there are quite a few that I find intriguing, Favors and Cousins are the two that actually excite me. I hope one of them is available at #5 so that we can at least consider them.

    As far as the “other” scenarios that could play out if these two are gone…Whiteside, Bradley, Johnson, Aminu…I could find reasons to be happy with all of these guys. Not excited, not stoked, but happy. I don’t think any of them add wins this year, which really means another high pick next year, and I would actually be okay with that. The team seems to have found some direction, and I can be patient to watch that play out. Hell, I have even softened my stance on Monroe, kind of.


    I read Part I and II of “Tracking where studs come from.” I saw you reference it in the “Whiteside, what’s the upside?” thread, good stuff.

  2. Oh yeah,

    I really hope that we trade up in this draft.

    • If we trade up for Favors instead of Cousins Quick, would that bother you?

  3. Hell no! I’d take Favors in a heartbeat. There is a lot that I like about Favors more than Cousins.

    1. Percieved work ethic
    2. Athleticism
    3. Committment to defense
    4. Overall attitude (although I like Cousins’ mean streak)

    • Yeah the mean streak is what people like best. But, I don’t think it ultimately matters much.

  4. So it sounds like New Jersey got these two to agree to actually go one-on-one. They can always back out, but as for now, it seems that the agents have agreed.

    The workout takes place June 21. I don’t know if you have insider, email me if you want a password or let me know if you prefer that I just put the text in a comment.

    Could it make New Jersey change their minds 3 days before the draft?

    • I don’t have insider Quick, but that’s okay. I already knew the workout was scheduled for the 21st.

      • …I didn’t know that they were going actually workout against eachother. That what I found interesting.

        • I can understand why you feel that way. And, for those that didn’t know, they now know too.

  5. Pook, as always good stuff, was gonna post in your follow up on your more Favors/Cousins nonsense post but it looks like you’re getting a record # of comments here so WTH.

    I would love to see us move up enough to take Favors but I don’t see that happening. Last year I was on the Jenning’s bandwagon not because you were (though that didn’t hurt.) I was excited about Jennings because of Chad Ford’s blog from Treviso where Jennings didn’t play, but Ford had a long and excellent interview (Insider) with Jenning’s position coach from his Italian team and he spoke really highly about BJ.

    I pretty strongly disagree with you on DMC. I watched his Chicago interviews and didn’t find anything of concern. He was a bit guarded with the press but other than that while he may not have been as glib as Wes Johnson, no big deals.

    I think your concerns about his shot selection are overblown. He knows his value is in the low post/block and the fact that he has some mid range touch only increases his value in my opinion. The fact he has a back to the rim game is more important to me. We are going to have to wait a long time, possibly forever for JT or Hawes to develop one.

    His character concerns seem mostly based on the arguments he had with Calipari, there have been no off court issues at all. I think Westphal has the ability to coach anyone and frankly Hawes attitude concerns me more than DMC’s do. There have been no credible sources reporting on his psychological/meds issues and from what I can find go back to one scouts comments. From what you posted in the next Favors/Cousins post they were draft chatter. The teams are going to have access to his medical records and if it is an issue then GP is going have to take that into consideration.

    One more thing about his weight. I started working as a construction laborer when I was eighteen and continued through college. There is no doubt I was in the best shape of my life as well as being very active in sports as well. It wasn’t until I hit 21 that I totally lost my baby fat.

    As I commented over at StR. If DMC is available for the Kings at 5 (and assuming Favors isn’t) and we pass on him I swear I am going to go all Pookey (except for the getting sh*t faced part.)

    Peace homes. Out

    • BJ, the BJ3 piece you’re referring to is here for those who don’t have insider (or don’t wanna look back):

      As far as your points about DMC, the shot selection/attitude is something that’s a matter of opinion. I respect your points, but I don’t see DMC overcoming it. Part of it is that DMC is not a supernatural athlete like Shaq was, and part of it is that DMC is a petulant kid.

      Like you, I don’t put much stock in the interviews themselves. DMC did the same thing where he wasn’t paying much attention to questions in the interviews at the combine, and it’s like he doesn’t quite get that people only should need to ask questions once. It’s not that hard of a concept. Again, it’s either attitude or simple arrogance that he doesn’t do so. Which is it? Don’t know. Don’t care at this point.

      My main concern is that DMC is an offensive guy who plays with the ball in his hands and needs the ball a lot be at his best. With Tyreke, and the way the Kings play uptempo, I’m not sure the Kings are an excellent fit. That’s just my opinion though.

      As far as what the Kings may end up doing in the long run, I have no clue as to how the Kings make a trade or what player they could take at 5. Could be DMC, could be Aminu, or it could be Monroe. (It looks like it very well could be 1 of those 3 players at this point.)

      At any rate, though, I’m not sure we’ll see much action until draft night in terms of trades (not sure why there would be any before that truthfully).

      Take it easy BJ.

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