Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 14, 2010

More Favors/Cousins nonsense

In case you haven’t seen the interviews with Cousins/Favors over Kingsflix, I suggest you watch them now.

Voisin talks about Cousins, and Jones adds little about Favors that you can’t gleam from Nicholson’s writeup or the video footage. (Nothing is wrong or misrepresented in Jones short blurb.)

Adrian Wojnarowski, and his all knowing sources (right now I think both agents of both guys were talking to Woj trying to create an image of the other guy without sounding negative–seems crazy huh?–this is Woj we’re talking here) say that Favors showed off his athleticism (you mean an athletic guy is athletic? Shocking…..) and Cousins showed off his shooting touch (less people know this but Cousins skills in the mid range game and his ball handling are considered positives of his).

One word on Woj: Ignore him. You’re better off. Personally I read through this, and I said to myself: And, the point of this was? This is probably a bi-product of being a plugged-in fan who has learned to ignore the little indicators in the draft process.

But if I had to guess what it may mean? The Kings prefer Favors because he can add to the Kings defensively without making them worse defensively. A team lacking inside presence, particularly defensively, is not necessarily going to improve by taking a 6’9 behemoth who has difficult understanding why taking 17 footers may not be the best way for him to play. Shot selection, one of the biggest knocks I have on Cousins, other than I think he’s completely unreliable, is something I will always wonder about with Cousins. And, with that said, shooting 17 footers against nobody doesn’t show anything about Cousins IMO. A workout in which Cousins shot better than any big the Kings tested (again, this shouldn’t surprise you) probably says more that the Kings are less likely to take a big who can’t shoot and create his own offense. (Like Whiteside or Udoh. Sorry fans of those guys.)

On talent alone, I’d draft DeMarcus Cousins first. But because of the other issue’s (conditioning, focus, attitude namely), I wouldn’t touch this guy with a 10 foot pole. Even if he succeeds, something tells me it will always remain a struggle with him. I’m trying to remember a guy with all of Cousins red flag’s whose succeeded at the NBA level and become a franchise centerpiece. You could cite Shaquille O’Neal if you wish, but O’Neal was miles more athletic than Cousins was (and was similar to Favors and a young Dwight Howard if you wish to take it that far–Shaquille O’Neal should replace freak in the dictionary as far as I’m concerned) ever will be. Not to mention Shaquille O’Neal was a Wilt Chamberlain level player while at LSU.

Either way, 10 days before the draft, don’t get too hyped or too locked in to what the Kings may do. Because, quite honestly, I don’t think GP & Co. have decided yet. That’s really what I want to get across. (Other than a sycophantic anti-American/Cousins rant.)

H/T to Exhibit G for this: Chad Ford says the Kings may look to move down in the draft and add “veterans”. Keep in mind this is the same guy who said the Kings would trade Jason Thompson and the 4th pick for Rajon Rondo last year.

In otherwords, ignore trade rumor’s until they happen. Until an actual trade is announced, trades and chatter mean little to me.


  1. Yep, Yep!

    What concerns me about Cousins is certainly not his talent…..that’s there….

    but focus & attitude?I’m VERY concerned about that.

    remember the bust that was the Candy man?As a Pacific alum, I WANTED to see him do well in the NBA.

    But it’s not enough for me to want it…the player has to want it…hunger for it…as much as he ‘hungers’ for the paycheck & the flattery of his agent and fans.

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