Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 24, 2010

Draft Day thoughts opinions and everything else

I’m not going to write a big piece. I already wasted a ton of wordage this morning. I’m a bit worded out. So if you wanna curse whomever is picked (Monroe, Ziller, God) do so. Only thing I ask is no racial epithets.

Otherwise, chill out, have a great day, enjoy the draft day (the best day in the world–hoops junkie Xmas if you ask me) and enjoy the music.

If this doesn’t suit you, well you suck. (Also, unless Philly decides to not take Evan Turner, the Kings are almost assuredly getting Cousins or Favors. You can bank on it. Then again, maybe not.)


  1. Just for people’s sake, I’m going to let yall know no update is going to happen until the 33rd pick happens. I don’t think I can possibly have more DMC opinions than I have now. So, yeah.

  2. I love, love LOVE IT! when you embed choice music in your posts….writin’ less is fine with me as long as you keep up the musical juxtapositions…..the more dichotomous the better ( ya know I had to find a way to use my favorite word!)

    • Hahahahaha Awesome Rhondda!

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