Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 24, 2010

Kings select DeMarcus Cousins at 5th overall and Hassan Whiteside at 33rd overall

Well, the DMC pick was not surprising at all. For over a week I had thought and expected DeMarcus Cousins to be the pick of the Kings.

Watch Geoff Petrie’s reaction here:

Here’s a DMC mix off kingsflix:

I’m a bit surprised and not high on Whiteside at all. There are people who love him because he’s athletic and a guy who can block shots. He’s a project pick that several people have mentioned as a likely player to spend lots of time in Reno next season. However, Chad Ford had this to say (H/T Shizzo):

Another great pick for the Kings. The team worked out Whiteside twice and really liked him. Some compare him to Marcus Camby, though others think he’s more like Patrick O’Bryant. If he develops, he’s the steal of the draft. But he slid because of the doubts he’ll develop.


DeMarcus Cousins is a high reward high risk pick. We know that. I’m not fond of Whiteside, but as a 2nd round pick other people see him as a no loss type of deal. I can’t necessarily disagree with that although the comparisons to DeAndre Jordan are a bit different. Jordan’s issues were weight and determination. Which is like one player taken and not the other. It’s almost amusing that DMC’s biggest physical issue is the exact inverse of Hassan Whiteside’s.

Do I think Whiteside can pan out? Sure. I’m not high on him, but I was high on a lot of players who weren’t taken in the 2nd round too. Or, some who were taken at the end like Stanley Robinson. (Never understand that. He must have absolutely bombed the workout process completely & thoroughly beyond compare.)

As far as some undrafted Free Agents out there, there are plenty of them as far as I can see. I’m still high on Jerome Randle and believe he can have a quality NBA career. We’ll see though.

Last but not least, here is DMC talking:

UPDATE: Paul Westphal and Geoff Petrie talking about the draft overall for the Kings.



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