Posted by: Kingsguru21 | June 28, 2010

How I learned to accept and hopefully love Hassan Whiteside

On draft day I groaned. That was about as emotional as I got. I knew there were people who were going to roast me for daring to not believe that DeMarcus Cousins is the earth, moon and the stars all wrapped in one. So, that’s why I wrote that gargantuan piece. An enigmatic fellow deserves an enigmatic piece of writing. Or something like that I think. Maybe I just wanted to write 8300 words and have an excuse as to why. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to go to sleep after that and my brain was fried. I pretty much figured the Kings were going to end up with DMC, Wesley Johnson or Greg Monroe, and I figured there was little use in fretting or screaming about it. So, after having foamed at the mouth over Tyreke Evans being selected for at least 20 minutes (Jack Nicholson would have been proud), I decided this year to be calm. It’s easier on the soul or some such. I shrugged when DMC was picked and I knew it was quite possible he would be there. I knew most people would be happy. He was well known, had good per minute stats (and people are aware of that stuff more now), and he seemed like a good fit to a lot of fans. I still have my doubts, and most are purely on the court and with regards to ego (and I have that with everybody so it’s not like I’m singling out DMC here), but I’m hoping it works out.

When Hassan Whiteside was announced at 33? I groaned. For a good long time. <I was told to shutup by Aykis. Strangely enough, I did. I'm happy I did now, but not because I listened to someone who was drooling over a long athletic skinny kid who can block shots. That's not the stuff of legend as far as I'm concerned.

Then I heard Geoff Petrie talk about him as a PF. And, I stamped myself retard and said, "Duh." There was never any belief Whiteside was a low post pivot but more of a hybrd inside/outside defender capable of using his athleticism/length/mobility to defend the quicker more athletic PF's currently populating the position at the moment. Against C"s? Probably playing guys there who should be PF's and are more skinny guys. At 33, Whiteside is a great pick to transistion from playing C to PF and as a perimeter defender. In the middle of the 1st round, or even later in the 1st round, it's a dumb idea. That's why the first 5 picks of the 2nd round end up being so valuable to teams.

DeAndre Jordan is a name you're going to hear about because Chad Ford (among others) have mentioned Whiteside as a value pick with upside and "superstar" potential.

Let me point out a few things. Derrick Favors is a potential superstar. DeMarcus Cousins is a potential superstar. Hassan Whiteside has a chance to stick around for some years and be an effective player alongside DMC as a starting/backup 4 in matchup's that don't require a lot of banging. Superstar's stay on the court vs everybody. Rotation players are not on the court in certain matchup's.

Oh, and since when did DeAndre Jordan show he's a superstar? Jordan has shown he can be a rotation player, which the Clippers need, but no more or less. There's nothing wrong with that. With Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman around, I'm not sure the Clippers really needed a superstar anyway. With Jordan they can play him with both Griffin and Kaman. It's a great opportunity for the young man to stick in the NBA long term because many of his strengths will be magnified without asking him to draw upon his weaknesses. That is, the long & short of it, the difference between the NBA and every other level of the world. You're asked to stick to your strengths and not deviate from them. Otherwise, you're not helping the team to win games. (That is the point right?)

If Hassan Whiteside becomes a complimentary 3rd big to DMC and whomever else is in the rotation (maybe JT, Landry or someone else), than I'll be happy and thrilled with him. But for anyone who thinks Whiteside is becoming a superstar anytime soon is delusional. Whiteside has no real post game, is only a mid range shooter and probably doesn’t have much other than his wingspan/athleticism to create shots. Amare Stoudemire this guy is not.

I like Whiteside because I think the kid has the right attitude skills and talent to be a complimentary 3rd big that makes the Kings a potential impossible team to score on while helping the team offensively too. That's winning, and possibly championship basketball. It's the name of the game really.

Right now I think Whiteside is a great value pick if only because this season gives him time to get some wings (he's going to be a 2 year project I think). Plus you have the bonus of Dalembert and Brockman around to fill in some gaps in the interim.

In case people are wondering, I'm going to discuss Free Agency and where the Kings are at with their cap later on.


  1. The great thing about Whiteside is that you basically picked up Hasheem Thabeet with a better offensive game, better athleticism (slightly worst size) and better upside at #33 (not at #2, in front of Evans, Curry, Jennings, Flynn, Casspi, Harden, hell, even Ibaka).
    HW is nowhere near being able to produce in the NBA, but we got a lot of guys in front of him in the rotation and all that is asked to this guy is to watch, learn and improve…and maybe, in a couple years, if all works out, we may have the best frontcourt of the entire league…not bad for the team with one of the worst frontcourt last season

    • I hate these Thabeet comparisons Panz. He’s not Thabeet. Thabeet is bigger and taller for one thing. Thabeet is a true Center. Whiteside is a PF who has C height because plenty of C’s are 6’8 & 6’9 in the NBA.

      What makes the difference between a C & PF is really bulk and the ability to throw your strength/weight around. Whiteside doesn’t have that & Cousins does.

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