Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 8, 2010

So of all the players out there which would one would you like?

This is an open ended idea designed to simply see what players that you think are available. However, there are rules.

1) The player has to be realistically acquired. You can want LeBron James to be a King, but he’s not coming to Sac.
2) Has to work under the cap. (I can figure that out if you’re unsure.)
3) Trading for a player is perfectly acceptable.
4) Nothing wrong in signing a guy.

Note: This isn’t like the Community Draft Board or Asinine Trade Thread at StR. This is just for one player. The player you’d like to see the Kings go after.

So I’ll start. My guy is Ben Gordon. The Kings need offense in the backcourt, and shooting specifically. I think trading a 1st round pick for Gordon would make the Pistons consider moving. He’s got a fairly big contract at 48 million for the next 4 years.

I wonder if the Kings would consider doing this myself given the amount of money Gordon makes and that what he does (shoot and score) is not necessarily the most dire need the Kings have. Given the flexibility that they’ve worked so hard for, it’s quite possible the Kings brass won’t blow all of it on a player like Gordon.

However, with any move you make you’re taking a risk. Gordon takes big shots. He hits FT’s & 3’s at a high rate. He can handle the ball some, but he’s hardly the perfect run offense type of G.

The big issue, other than Gordon’s cap #, is that Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia are still around. I can see the Kings being prickly about not wishing to keep that much salary tied into all 3 guys who are basically bench players/low end starters (in the Kings brass view; not mine).

I don’t care what any argument says about Gordon’s cap number. The main issue is fit with Tyreke Evans and to me Gordon represents that well.

What say you?



  1. I’m not a fan of Ben Gordon and never have.He is an undersized SG who shoots first and is way too streaky of a shooter, his fg% is usually crappy as hell at low 40% and he does not play much defense at all.Being paid a 48 million dollars just adds on top of his playing style in the reasons I wouldn’t want my team going for him.

    But in the Kings case, Since they do have Tyreke Evans who can guard PGS or SGS it would make Ben Gordon’s job a lot easier and he can maybe fit in well offensively too.If the Kings did make a trade for Gordon and he started with Tyreke in the backcourt Tyreke would have to guard the best G’s in the league every night due to Gordon’s crappy defense and his undersized body.I would rather the Kings go after a better defensive player at SG who can fit with Tyreke Evans in the backcourt.If there looking for a shooter\scorer like Ben Gordon wouldn’t they have just kept Kevin Martin? Martin had problems with Tyreke this past season gaining chemistry and Martin is kind of a similar player to Gordon in the way they can score and shoot only Martin is way more efficent and a better defensive player.

    Finding the player to fit with Tyreke in the backcourt is going to be a little bit difficult.There’s a few positives and a lot of negatives, I say PASS on Gordon.

  2. Ok, I see where you’re going here. I’ll be back at ya. On Ben Gordon, first off all, in my opinion almost all shooters are streaky. I would far rather pay Ben Gordon $48 mil than pay Darko $20 mil or Amir Johnson $34 mil.

    Under the argument that the player has to get along with ‘Reke that makes almost almost any player out there a non possibility unless ‘Reke asks for them or they are willing to take a personality test prior to being traded for.

    • Interesting BJ. Personality test to play with Reke. Hmmmm.

  3. I have never bought into the “every shooter is streaky” bullshit.THere are shooters who shoot at a more consistent rate than other and that does not neccessarily mean they are better shooters they are just more consistent.Ben Gordon is a great shooter when he is on but he also can be an awful shooter 3 or 4 games in a row before he has a great game which explains his bad FG% kind of like Mike Bbbby in his last Kings days in terms of the shooting.

    • Gordon has never played with a player like Tyreke let alone a potential monster like DMC. That would pay excellent dividends. Gordon’s threat as well as that he spaces the floor is the key point here IMO.

  4. Courtney Lee…He’s very young, a good shooter, an excellent defender and puts up good numbers without needing to shoot a lot…he would pair perfectly with Reke and would be a great fit for the team.
    I’m not sure he could be had, but I think New Jersey could be listening if they can shed some salary along with Lee.

    • I like Lee but I doubt NJ will trade him now that they don’t need another max slot to sign LeBron.

  5. (sorry I’m late, lost my password and got lazy re-seting it)

    Detroit should give US a 1st rd pick and cash to take that contract. He’s a 6th man pure and simple, no matter how talented.

    • Yeah, he’s a very talented 6th man. Plus, look at how much Jason Terry makes. That would be Detroit’s counter argument. I’m also not convinced Petrie will do that trade anyway.

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