Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 16, 2010

In search of a PG/SG type, yeah?

Jason Jones has a piece today about the G’s trying to make the roster come October. The question here is not that these guys aren’t performing or doing what they’re asked. I thought this quote by Elie was interesting:

“I like their patience,” Elie said. “They understand that our veterans and our rookies have to play. And all the guys, when they’re called, they’re ready to play.”

This doesn’t tell me the Kings are looking for a guy to sop up major minutes. It tells me they’re looking for a role player to fit a specific role. A change of pace guy who is young but willing to bide his time as a 3rd PG. A guy who can shoot, play defense, and run the team effectively would likely be a plus.

Let’s be real here: Do you expect to find this player in Summer League?

I have no problem if the Kings signed Donald Sloan because they think he’s the type of guy who can make an impact. I have no problem if they also sign Sylvan Landesburg, Tyreese Rice, Ryan Thompson, or Devan Downey. What I do have a problem is if people despair that there isn’t a G found this Summer League or even this season.

This is a young team. Tyreke Evans is finding his way in the NBA still. DeMarcus Cousins is going to be learning the NBA this season. Hassan Whiteside too, assuming he doesn’t make a few stops in the Biggest Little City in the World first. None of this includes of course, Donte Greene or Omri Casspi as neither are PG’s. Although, both have suited up at SG a couple of times in their brief NBA careers.

Here’s my point: The Kings have Beno Udrih and Francisco Garcia in the backcourt. They have long term contracts, and both are the 2nd & 3rd highest paid players on the roster. I’m not going to say that Landesburg, Rice, Sloan, Thompson or Downey can’t play. What I can tell you is that I don’t think any of the 5 provide a real upgrade over Udrih and Garcia. Both are NBA players. For quite awhile now actually. What the Kings need is depth at that position, and that’s one, or possibly two, of those 5 could provide. (Since Sloan is under contract, it’s assumed he will be at least around for training camp.)

The point here, and there is a point I promise you, that for all the well wishing about the perfect backcourt mate for Tyreke Evans, there may be no such thing. It’s quite possible there is a backcourt mate out there that the Kings would trade for. It’s also quite possible the Kings will want to see how well Beno Udrih does with Tyreke Evans for a full season with both slated (right now) as the starters. With Garcia backing both of them up, and it’s something Garcia is best suited for IMO, we’re talking about a backcourt without a ton of needs or minutes for a 4th rotation guy. 4th rotation guys are great for depth and injury purposes (may the cynical among you point out that Garcia/Udrih have long enough injury histories), but when push comes to shove most NBA head coaches, and I’m guessing Paul Westphal is among them, will go 8 or 9 deep when it counts.

I doubt anybody on the Summer League team, other than Greene, Casspi or Cousins, will ever be part of that rotation.

That’s okay. But let’s not jump overboard and expect a search to find a real diamond in the rough. If it happens, and that would be awesome for the player and team if it did, then so be it. Nobody, least of all me, would have a problem with it. Let’s just be honest about why we’re talking about what the Kings need in the backcourt: We’re not exactly hurting in the frontcourt with Jason Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, Carl Landry, Sam Dalembert, Hassan Whiteside and Jon Brockman. That doesn’t include Casspi or Greene who are both frontcourt players.

So when it comes to Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia and Beno Udrih, there isn’t much sexyness or upside with Garcia/Udrih. As compared to the rest of the frontline, they stand out in comparison. We know them. They remind us of lesser times.

Let’s not throw Udrih or Garcia under the bus with this new roster before they’ve allowed the roadrunner to run over them. Okay? Meep Meep.

Francisco Garcia and Beno Udrih are nearby. Are you?


  1. […] JJ also noted about the lack of standout G’s in Vegas. I wrote my feelings on this a few days ago. So, nobody stood out. No biggie. It’s not like any of these guys were likely to take Beno […]

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