Posted by: Kingsguru21 | July 20, 2010

Jon Brockman traded to Milwaukee

Okey Doke. Apparently, the deal is Jon Brockman for Darnell Jackson and a future 2nd rounder. I’m not going to say much because I think much of it is has been already said. But I’ll just say this.

Jon Brockman was behind Sammy Dalembert, DeMarcus Cousins, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson and Hassan Whiteside on the depth chart. Why pay a million bucks, or even a million and half bucks, to a guy who will effectively be the 6th big on your team? What’s the point?

So, this is the alternative. As far as Darnell Jackson, I have no clue if he makes it or not. His contract isn’t guaranteed and that’s the bottom line here.

Bryan at A Royal Pain said it as well: You don’t lose assets for nothing you don’t need to. (I don’t think it matters much myself.) Especially when you can get something you want more than paying a player you wouldn’t have matched his cap number. A 2nd round pick is a very minor asset in the NBA, but it’s better than absolutely nothing. It’s even more of a minor asset when it has a lot of protection (which this 2nd rounder is bound to have).

Jason Jones has his say and doesn’t sound fully 100% positive the deal is done. I don’t blame him, but I doubt that a deal won’t get done at this point.

So, that’s that. Say bye bye to Nessie.

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