Posted by: Kingsguru21 | August 1, 2010

ShamSports salary information is up

Summer is misery time in the EC. Anyone who has spent a summer in Sacramento knows it. It’s hot, and not fun all the time. Anywhere, well except Vegas or Phoenix, is better than Sac in the summertime. Hot is hot is hot. Sac is hot. Sometimes though, amidst this misery, there comes a glimmer of light that better days, known as fall to the rest of the world, will be coming your way. Even better, if you get geeked out by details like summer salaries, this will make you happy.

The title should say it all. The invaluable Mark Deeks (that’s his name) has finally gotten the best salary info up on the web (or that is available to fans anyway). I say finally because I’m an impatient twat. (It also took a lot of restraint to not ask him about when he was going to get the info up.)

Anyway, looking at it tells me a couple of things. First, the Kings are just under the minimum salary cap line with the guaranteed salary (this doesn’t include Donald Sloan or Darnell Jackson). But since it’s about 100K under, and that can be remedied by either guaranteeing Sloan or Jackson’s contract, this is a minor convenience.

As to why the Kings are waiting to sign a player, they have no need at this point. Unless there is a major trade, and right now I doubt any are on the horizon, it’s likely the Kings will stand point and roll the cap space until next summer when a clearer view of the CBA is known. (I contend there won’t be dramatic changes to the CBA, but that’s me. I also thought the Sonics weren’t going to move, LeBron James wouldn’t leave Cleveland, or that Chris Paul would be a bad pro. I liked Deron Williams more. Actually, I still do. So maybe nevermind on Paul.)

Either way, the point here is that expectations that the Kings can do something useful with the cap space is both pointless and lacks patience. The Kings have a lot of young talent. Samuel Dalembert and Carl Landry are expiring contracts. All the core talent on the Kings are locked up on cheap contracts for the next 3 or 4 years.

The Kings don’t need to make a move to make a move. That’s all you need to know right now. However, I contend that a player like Ben Gordon would be perfect for the Kings to acquire (assumihg they don’t want to give up Cisco or Beno in a swap–which they almost assuredly would) and I doubt he will be available.

So, the salary cap questions are settled. Time to go back to sweating in 100+ degree heat.


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