Posted by: Kingsguru21 | September 2, 2010

Get to steppin youngin….

I wish I didn’t have to do this, but as you might have noticed, I wasn’t writing much lately anyway. So, as such, I’m going to need to step away to get some of my affairs in order. As much as I’d like to say I’ll be away for a month or two, I don’t know when I’m coming back.

Thanks for those who have linked to the site in the past, and a double thanks to those who dare commented.


  1. I can relate since I’ve been taking care of other affairs too…you do what you need to do, Pookey, tho’ I have missed your wit as of late, good to hear from you even as you’re announcing a break…see you on the other side of it!

    • Thanks Rhondda. Good luck with your notes n’ schnuff. 🙂

  2. Get back soon man, I miss your posts!

    And, as CWebb would say if you were Kahn, “Good Luck!”

    • Ha. You know Darko is the mensa of all mensa’s Panz! Don’t be hatin!

  3. Pookey! Say it Ain’t so! You’re writing/thoughts will be missed.

    • I ain’t leavin so much as I’m not writing for awhile (or a long time). Not sure which at this point.

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