Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 25, 2010

Kings vs Clippers on TNT

So, as Thanksgiving rolls around (giving us more time to give thanks), we get to watch our beloved dipshits on the hardwood potentially botch another potential victory.

I’m going to keep this brief. I like Steve Perrin’s scouting report at Clips Nation as it covers much of the matchup in detail that I want to point out.

* If Sammy Dalembert can cover Blake Griffin effectively (note I said effectively: Not stop), than this is the perfect game to see Dalembert & Cousins on the court together.

* I don’t wish to put any game on Luther Head because it’s unfair to do that to a role player, but I fear that this team isn’t consistent enough to not expect a starter like Head to give a higher proportion of the offense than he should normally need to.

* The matchup of Eric Gordon and Luther Head could determine the game. The matchup of whomever defends Blake Griffin could be another determining factor. Yet, a player like Al-Farouq Aminu could end up making a difference because he A) can board and B) is athletic in the open court. This Clippers team is so athletic that it makes the Kings look like they are not. Which, the Kings aren’t greatly athletic so this shouldn’t be a surprise. In otherwords, turbo charged athletes like the Clippers got are going to give this Kings team fits all night. The only question is do the Clip Joint younginz have their games working, or do the Kings younginz got theirs going on?

With that, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Game is at 730 PM PST on TNT. Check your local assclown cable/dish provider for details.


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