Posted by: Kingsguru21 | November 27, 2010

Kings play best half of year followed by awful half

Read the headline. That says it all. In the first half, they played well and dominated a quality Bulls team. But let’s not sugarcoat this: The Bulls never gave up and kept plugging away. They turned up the intensity and the Kings didn’t respond. They don’t know how to make adjustments. And they have no clue that teams will make adjustments. It’s like they are all surprised at the same time that teams will make these types of adjustments.

The truth is that I was hoping we would see an end to the inconsistent one half of play at a time by this young squad. It squandered several brilliant performances (for the most part) by Jason Thompson and Samuel Dalembert. Tyreke Evans did not finish this game, and he’s learning firsthand how easy come easy go the NBA (and all pro sports really) is. The Bulls were always going to adjust how they defended him. He didn’t make the adjustment.

I believe your team goes as your star(s) go. Tyreke Evans made this team brilliant in the first half and they followed his lead. And in the 2nd half? He came out tentative and guessed what this team did? You guessed it.

Whatever is wrong with this team starts with Tyreke Evans. He’s not the only player to blame as he’s not the only player who put up poor shots. He has no clue how to handle how NBA teams (especially a quality team like Chicago–and ignore the fact that they are 9-6–they played a lot of tough games on the road in the past 2 weeks) pressure when they crank it up.


I’m not going to flip out as bad as I want to. This wasn’t that surprising given that the Kings simply didn’t match their first half execution. The fans were treated to the same lack of execution this team has consistently exhibited. I believe this team can improve, and I don’t believe firing Westphal is the answer. Let’s be frank here: Did Paul Westphal make Luther Head or Beno Udrih pass up shots they should have taken when they are open? Did Paul Westphal make DeMarcus Cousins pump fake every time he catches the ball when going straight up is all it takes to get a bucket? Did Paul Westphal make Carl Landry have a bad back and be ineffective tonight? Is it Paul Westphal’s fault that he wanted to sit Tyreke Evans for 4 minutes and giving him a break early in the 4th? Really? If this team has depth, shouldn’t the bench play better to start that 4th?

I would love to blame Paul Westphal for lack of ball movement, but when this team displays it’s Jekkyl and Hyde personality it’s exhibited all season, is it really Paul Westphal’s fault? In a way, I hope this team starts executing better in the future.

If you’re bitter? Good. Tonight is a bitter loss. Tonight is the proof in the pudding of why you must be mindful of why young teams have so many difficulties winning games in the NBA. Young teams do this kinda stuff often. They play a brilliant half followed by a not-so-brilliant half. Nobody should be happy with the season so far. I’m not. I know everyone reading this isn’t either. Hopefully the players have that light-bulb turn on soon, but if they don’t? That won’t be a great surprise.

Now I feel better. Go back to your regularly scheduled bitterness. You’ve earned it.


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