Posted by: Kingsguru21 | December 1, 2010

Samuel Dalembert could miss some time

According to a Jason Jones blog post (h/t Aykis for the alert–also if you’re not reading Pick and Scroll, you probably should), Sammy Dalembert could miss a few games with knee tendinitis that he left the Pacers game with in the 3rd qtr on Tuesday night.

I’m not sure I agree with Jones assertion that Hassan Whiteside should play C. I think that Jason Thompson and DeMarcus Cousins are both suited for the position, and thus should get the minutes without Dalembert around. I don’t really think that recalling Whiteside for spot minute duty is worthwhile and thus would be a waste of everyone’s time. Of course, the biggest problem is that Whiteside still needs to show that he’s NBA ready and he’s quite a ways away from proving that. Would I rather just play Darnell Jackson at the C spot even if he’s still a PF? Absolutely.

The reality of this is that I think the criticism is minor and that the Kings should start Cousins & Thompson on Friday Night against the Lakers. It would be nice to see what those two could do together in extended minutes on the floor. It would be nice to see if knowing that they can’t foul as often would help both in their quest to obtain more minutes.

Either way, I would see Dalembert’s injury as a positive if only because it may help Cousins and Thompson establish a rhythm together. Anything that can help this team get back on track after a pretty deflating start for all concerned has to be a huge bonus at this point.

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