Posted by: Kingsguru21 | February 20, 2011

Kings possibly relocating to Anaheim? So let’s fight back.

In case you want to do what you can, and this is mostly to help Tom Ziller and Blake Ellington in the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Follow Here We Stay on Twitter, and on Facebook. (Please join and support this.) There is an account where you can donate money (or links to buy tickets for the 28th game against the Clippers) and link to it at Sactown Royalty.

I’m not gonna beg you. What I’ll say is that this is the last chance to keep the Kings and illustrate why the Kings moving is such a bad idea.

One last thing. Sam Amick was on the radio talking about this in Portland, and here is an old interview between Kevin Johnson and Grant Napear on Feb 9th. (Like I said, in retrospect, it’s interesting.)

Let’s hope this is a minor blip on the way to the Kings staying in Sacramento.

Go Sacramento Kings!!!!

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